Acronis Service Provider Support Scope of Support

During the term of your subscription to Acronis Software Acronis will provide you with the expert level guidance and troubleshooting related to any questions and issues:

  • Installation;
  • Configuration;
  • Usage;
  • Providing workarounds and bug fixes for technical issues;
  • Providing access to Major and Minor releases of Acronis Software.

Acronis provides support service in English only.

Definitions of Tier 1 Support Provided by Service Provider

The Service Provider is responsible for providing Tier 1 support directly to its Resellers, Sub-resellers and/or End Users according to the Contract terms. The following functions are supposed to be covered by Service Provider Tier 1 support:

  • Customer Care: product functionality questions, questions covered in Acronis software User’s Guide;
  • Handling known issues (, for instance issues with VSS
  • Basic troubleshooting of unknown/undescribed issue before escalating to Acronis Support: Checking available solutions/workarounds in Acronis KB ( Analyzing collected error message/log files per Acronis KB; Defining an issue and explaining its symptoms; Collecting error message(s) or error output; Defining an action or outcome you expect from the product; Strict following escalation template while escalating the issue to Acronis Service Provider Support.
  • Service Provider is to monitor whether suggested troubleshooting steps are being performed by the end-user to the full extent and whether requested information is provided in the sufficient amount.

Items Out Of Scope of Acronis Service Provider Support

The following activities are excluded from Acronis Service Provider Support Team obligations:

  • Communicating troubleshooting steps and final solutions to anyone except the Service Provider;
  • System administration activities: assistance with initial software setup, setting up backup plans, defining backup policies, other activities described under deployment/user guides;
  • Infrastructure/Server setup/administration activities: setting up 3rd party software, configuring virtual environment, configuring OS (initial setup, firewall, network, performance tuning, etc.), installing updates, monitoring resources/free space;
  • Writing API requests/scripts – any kind of customization or integration outside standard Acronis Software functionality;
  • Product Training or Consulting: Acronis does not provide training or consultancy services via telephone support as part of the Acronis Support program, but Acronis does offer you as optional services at additional fees as part of the Professional Services program. Acronis can answer how-to questions and can talk to you about related topics to a limited extent. Please contact our Professional Services Team for additional training and other consultancy requirements.
  • Gathering and analyzing Partner’s requirements, understanding how they can be addressed;
  • Designing the solution on high level;
  • Support for 3rd party products: only provides support for Acronis software and associated components. For instance, Acronis does not support your computer’s operating system. If you need help with 3rd party components you must contact the relevant supplier.
  • Upgrades: Your support program includes access to all new releases. The actual process of upgrading Acronis Software to a newer release is not covered by Support.

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