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The Fastest Backup in the Industry

  • Block based imaging

    Fastest reading and writing of data: Optimal access speed by avoiding reordering or blocks of data and random access.
  • Intelligent Resource Management

    Optimization of computer resource consumption based on current user workload. Backup uses resources based on network, CPU, I/O and memory access counters.
  • Upload technology

    Multi-stream, multi-threaded data upload. Internet routing and dynamic TCP parameters optimization.

"Every performance test was led by Acronis, which is on average twice as fast, in some cases being 10 times as fast as the competition."

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The Most Complete Backup Software

  • Acronis Universal Restore Technology

    Boot any computer with hardware-independent bootable media. Dynamic driver injection supports both legacy and leading-edge hardware.
  • Mobile Backup to a Local Computer

    Network detection and automatic mobile device backup over Wi-Fi to a local computer. Optimized mobile storage for the fastest backup and recovery.
  • NVMe, SSD, and HDD drive support

    Back up and recover optimized for all current and legacy disk storage. Taking advantage of latest hardware technology.

New Generation Data Protection and Management

  • Acronis Active Protection

    Protect your data from loss due to the growing threat of ransomware. Windows-only feature. Learn more about ransomware protection
  • Acronis Notary

    The first consumer data protection product to use blockchain technology to ensure a file's authenticity. Learn more about data protection
  • Acronis ASign

    Need one or more digital signatures on a document and an authenticated audit trail?

Centralized Management and Control

  • Unified backup Management

    Online dashboard and backup plan management for multiple devices. Extensible platform allows addition of future device to manage in the same way.
  • Smart Scheduling

    Event and time-based scheduling of backup operations, multiple backup plans and destinations.
  • Smart device detection

    NAS, network shares, external drives as backup sources and destinations.

Optimized for Data

  • Live data format

    Portable data format to collect data in multiple formats and store in a unified format. Allows for fast restore and migration between data formats. For example, migrate contact information from iOS to Android and back.
  • Incremental Social Backup

    API-based change tracking and incremental content backup for optimized backup speed. Back up just what changed rather than repeated full-feed backups. Save time and storage space.

Data Security and Validation

  • Secure Redundant Cloud

    Error correction, detection of unauthorized access, erasure coding for both data transfer and storage.
  • End-to-end encryption

    Client-based encryption and key management for local and cloud archives.
  • Optimized Archive

    Data consolidation and fast recoverability validation support for both local and cloud storage.


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