Backup & Recovery Offerings

Understanding Acronis Backup

Acronis solutions protect any data in any environment—from a small business to a large, complex organization.
Design your backup & recovery strategy based on your system needs.

Acronis BackupAcronis Backup Acronis Backup AdvancedAcronis Backup Advanced
1.png Ideal for small-to-medium sized environments with limited IT resources. 2.png Ideal for larger environments with more complex infrastructures.
1.png Tailored backup & disaster recovery for a single system (workstation, virtual machine, or physical server). 2.png Unified backup & disaster recovery for multiple systems (workstations, physical servers, virtual platforms, application servers, and more).
1.png Everything you need to protect your system – all in one product. 2.png Products can work alone or in combination as a scalable, customizable solution for your entire infrastructure.
1.png Backup & recovery tasks are fast, flexible, and exceptionally easy – even if you aren’t an IT expert! 2.png All backup activity is managed via an easy-to-use console accessible from anywhere on your network
All-in-one solutions with affordable perpetual licensing. Customizeable solutions with flexible perpetual licensing.

Acronis Cloud Storage

  • Disaster-proof any system with ultra-secure offsite backup to the Acronis cloud.
  • Fully integrated with all Acronis Backup & Acronis Backup Advanced products.
  • Can also act as a stand-alone cloud storage solution.
  • Yearly subscription service activates cloud access & enables required storage space.
  • Includes initial seeding & large scale recovery services.