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Mobile backup

Today our smartphones and tablets are integral to our daily lives. That means it’s critical to back up the contacts, calendar appointments, photos, videos and other files they contain.Our mobile backup ensures you have frequent, reliable and safe copies created automatically, keeping that data safe and making it easy to restore files when needed.

How common is mobile data loss

  • 10%
    of device owners have had one stolen
  • 2,000+
    devices are lost or stolen around the world every hour
  • 70 million
    smartphones are lost each year

iCloud and Google Drive aren’t enough

Major mobile devices come with the ability to store some data in the cloud so it can be accessed and shared. But cloud storage is incomplete as backup and native solutions have several limitations. Your multi-device family may have a mix of iPhones and Android devices, for example, but iCloud only works with iPhones and iPads. For a reliable, easy-to-use and secure way to back up your mobile device, nothing beats Acronis True Image.

FeaturesAcronis True Image 2021iCloudGoogle Drive
Remote backup management  
End-to-end encryption  
Data migration to/from another platformiOS to Android & Android to iOSiOS to Android only
Automatic and continuous backup  
Automatic, wireless backup to local computer  
Automatic, wireless backup to local NAS device   
Anywhere access to backup data   
Version control   

Comparison as of July 2020

Tougher security

Keep your data safe, wherever you are


    Advanced encryption

    Files sent to backup are protected by enterprise-grade encryption

    Secure storage

    Our data centers boast superior security and are SSAE-18 certified

    Dual protection

    Local and cloud backups mean you always have a safe, clean copy

Easier access and greater flexibility

  • Constantly connected

    Enjoy continuous connectivity from secure, redundant cloud systems
  • Always in control

    Remotely manage the backups for all your devices via a single dashboard
  • Effortless backup

    Back up mobile devices automatically via Wi-Fi to a local Mac, PC or NAS
  • Versatile recovery

    Restore everything or just retrieve the individual file you want
  • Multi-platform

    Use the device you want: we support Android and iOS devices
  • Version control

    Manage the number of backup versions and how long to keep them

Get Acronis True Image 2021

Works on multiple platforms


  • Windows 10 (all editions, including October 2020) 
  • Windows 8.1 (all editions)
  • Windows 8 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
  • Windows Home Server 2011
  • macOS Big Sur 11.0
  • macOS Catalina 10.15
  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11
Windows File systems
  • NTFS
  • Ext2/Ext3/Ext4
  • ReiserFS(3)  
  • Linux SWAP  
  • HFS+/HFSX  
  • FAT16/32/exFAT  
MacOS File system
  • APFS
  • HFS+
  • Core Storage
  • FAT32
  • NTFS (including Boot Camp)
  • iOS 10.3 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later

Looking for help?

Frequently asked questions
What is the best storage option for mobile backups?

The best storage is one that keeps your data safe and easily recoverable.


Backing up to your computer’s hard drive is okay if you’re only worried about accidentally deleting an original file, but that backup is lost when the hard drive fails. The better choice for quick recoveries is a local backup stored on an external hard drive, network share or NAS device. But if there’s a fire or flood, you’ll lose both the original and local backup.


The best is to also store an extra copy off-site, such as in the cloud, to ensure you have a version available no matter what happens. That means there’s no need to choose between the Acronis Cloud, your Google Drive/iCloud or external hard drive – the best option is to use cloud and local storage in combination.

How do you back up a tablet to a local computer?

If you want to know how to back up a tablet to a PC, Mac or NAS device, look no further than Acronis True Image. You can set it so any iOS or Android mobile device, whether a smartphone or tablet, automatically backs up when it connects to your Wi-Fi network. No cables, no hassles – just walk in the front door and as soon as your tablet connects, the backup process begins.


That means you can back up an iPad without iTunes or iCloud if you want. Keep a local backup for a fast recovery option, or pair that local backup with those cloud-based options for dual protection.

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