Empowering MSPs: IT and Channel Leaders to Present Two Virtual Conferences This Spring

Cyber Protect

The phrase “Knowledge is power” is easily understood because we all recognize it as true. For organizations to keep up with the pace of change, for example, they need to be aware of the latest protection strategies, security technologies, and cyberthreats that are out there. After all, their revenue depends on it.

But when it comes to delivering IT services, the stakes are even higher. That’s because it is the responsibility of service providers to deliver the IT solutions that keep their clients in business. It’s a requirement that’s baked into their service level agreements (SLAs).

Unfortunately, whether the limitation comes from budget, staff or time constraints, or an unexpected global health threat like the novel coronavirus Covid-19, there’s always something that makes it difficult to get access to information, which can optimize your work and help grow your business.

That’s why we’re holding our first-ever, no-fee, no-travel Acronis Cyber Protection Virtual Conference. Held on two dates – the first in North America on March 26 followed by a European presentation on April 8 – this virtual conference features an eye-catching group of IT leaders and seasoned service providers who share practical, actionable insights.

Backup is dead

Whether you’re surprised by the phrase “backup is dead” or think it’s about time someone said it, there’s no doubt that the patchwork of legacy solutions that service providers have historically used to protect data are insufficient today.

To handle the increased data volumes, infrastructure complexity, and more sophisticated cyberattacks of today, a comprehensive approach is needed – one that combines data protection with cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities. This integrated approach is what IDC calls the new IT discipline of cyber protection.

The two Acronis Cyber Protection Virtual Conferences will bring together panels of world-class IT pros and channel leaders to discuss why cyber protection is now their go-to approach. The North American conference will include MSPAlliance CEO Charles Weaver and Boston Red Sox’s VP of IT Brian Shield, while the European conference will have IT business growth expert Richard Tubb and Arsenal Football Club Director of IT Christelle Heikkila as the main speakers.  

They’ll be joined by service providers who will share practical insights into how they’ve decreased help-desk tickets, reduced their stress levels, and begun to earn more by offering cyber protection.

Advantages and benefits of cyber protection

Because service providers have limited time and resources, the Acronis Cyber Protection Virtual Conferences are designed to give attendees fast, free, and easy access to the information that will help them generate recurring revenue. Both presentations will keep runtimes of less than three hours, with the essential content packed into just 90 minutes of programming.

Both events will follow a similar agenda:

  • Welcome / Conference Overview
  • Panel – Dealing with the Failure of Legacy Backup to Address Modern Cyberthreats
  • Live Demonstration – Acronis Cyber Cloud and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  • Panel – SMBs and The NIST Framework: Cybersecurity Isn’t Just for Enterprises Anymore

Among the most anticipated segments of the program will be the first-ever public demos of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – Acronis’ new integrated, AI-enhanced solution that combines backup, anti-malware, security and management capabilities such as vulnerability assessments, patch management, URL filtering, etc.

The new solution enables service providers to eliminate complexity while making security a centerpoint of their portfolio – all while increasing SLAs, decreasing churn, and generating more recurring revenue.

Joining the live discussion

If you and your team are tired of working with a complex, costly mess of solutions that don’t solve the modern security challenges your customers face, you’re not alone. We hope you’ll join one of the Acronis Cyber Protection Virtual Conferences to discover a better way forward for your business – one that’s less stressful, more effective, and more profitable.

After all, you deserve more – and your clients expect more too.

You can register for the North American event being held on March 26 at 11:00 a.m. EDT by going here.

Registration for the European event being held on April 8 at 2:00 p.m. BST is available here.

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