Under new GDPR regulation: A Tale of Two Ransomware Attacks
Since GDPR went into effect on May 25, 2018, personal data breaches are now so financially and procedurally painful for businesses and service providers that they’ll do whatever it takes to avoid them - at least, that’s the goal.
Office 365 Data Protection Infographic

Did you know that

  • Office 365 does not back up to on-premises storage

  • 29% of companies don’t protect their cloud data

  • 80% of companies have lost data in the cloud

Server Workload Migration
Do you know that:
  • 48% of SMBs run both Physical and Virtual systems
  • 54% of them run more multiple hypervisors
  • 67% have at least one hypervisor other than VMware or Hyper-V?

Backin' Up The Data
How important is your data?

Based on an Acronis survey:
  • 20% of respondents have lost their devices before
  • 65% of respondents say their data (like photos) is more important than the device
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