Manage your clients workloads and protection with all-in-one cyber protection solution

Centralize your protection management with a single solution that integrates backup, cybersecurity and workload monitoring and management: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. With the Advanced Management pack, you’re able to automate your routine tasks via scripting, proactively patch vulnerabilities, improve clients uptime in case of failed patches and disk drives issues, and remotely access managed workloads.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
With Advanced Management
Centralized and group management
Auto-discovery and remote agent installation
Security gaps and vulnerability assessments
Hardware inventory collection
Remote desktop and remote assistance
Report scheduling: Demonstrate the value of your MSP business and simplify renewals, while reducing time spent on reporting
Cyber scripting: automate and streamline routine tasks
Automated patch management: close vulnerabilities before they’re exploited
Software inventory collection: Save time and effort when preparing, planning, or tracking updates with a complete list of software used by clients
Drive health monitor: Proactively mitigate downtime caused by drive failure with predictive monitoring and alerts
Fail-safe patching: Recover from faulty patches quickly and easily with automatic system backups before patching

Live demo for MSPs

Your Engineer-led Guide to Disaster Recovery (DR) with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
February 16, Thursday, at 11:00 a.m. CET
Your Engineer-led Guide to Disaster Recovery (DR) with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Explore how a single, integrated cyber protection solution empowers your MSP business with options for enhanced protection and disaster recovery in this monthly demo series.


  • Nikolay Churkin, Senior Solutions Engineer at Acronis
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March 2, Thursday, at 11:00 a.m. CET
MSPs: Your Engineer-Led Guide to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Help your MSP business achieve enhanced protection, improved SLAs, and streamlined management.
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Offer more services and reduce your management burden

The Advanced Management pack helps you expand your cyber protection services with integrated patch management and automate your routine tasks via scripting while reducing the time and effort needed to monitor, manage and maintain your clients’ workloads.

Extend patch management to 200+ third-party applications

Keep Windows and third-party Windows software up-to-date with patch management for more than 200 supported products. Prioritized patching for collaboration apps minimizes remote work threats.

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • VMWare
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Cisco Webex
  • Google
  • Mozilla
View all supported applications

Cyber Protect Cloud

Modernize your cybersecurity and backup with integrated cyber protection

Seamless integrations and automation

Easing administrative efforts, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud natively integrates with commonly used systems by service providers such as RMM and PSA tools, hosting control panels, and billing systems. Custom integrations and automation are also possible through a set of RESTful APIs and SDKs.
Seamless integrations and automation
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Easily deliver up-to-date endpoint protection

  • Cyber Scripting

    Automate daily tasks like provisioning and maintenance and manage more workloads with less efforts. Streamline your operations with out-of-the-box Acronis-verified scripts that you can easily customize, test, run, and schedule.
  • Centralized patch management

    Secure your clients business environment and reduce the security risks by closing known vulnerabilities before they become issues. Schedule or manually deploy patches to keep clients safe and avoid issues with patching by automatically backing up workloads to revert to a known working state, in case of failure.
  • Software inventory collection

    Ease tracking and work planning with deep visibility into the software inventory. Scan client machines automatically or on-demand to discover all of the software installed and track changes. Browse and filter software assets by multiple criteria, generate reports, and delete records once a machine is removed.
  • Unique

    Drive health monitoring

    Avoid unpredicted data loss and proactively improve uptime by monitoring drive health. Leverage our machine learning technology to predict disk issues and receive alerts to take the precautionary measures needed to protect client data.
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Expand your services with advanced protection packs

Add other powerful components to strengthen your services even further with advanced protection packs and unique cyber protection capabilities. Control your costs by paying only for the functionalities your clients need.

Advanced packs include:
  • Advanced Security
    Enhance your security services with integrated cyber protection that includes full-stack anti-malware. Increase your detection rate and responsiveness to the latest cyberthreats. Extend cyber protection to web browsing, backed-up data, the recovery process, and exploit prevention. Enable investigations by capturing forensic data in backups.
    • Full stack anti-malware
    • URL filtering
    • Exploit prevention
    Learn more
  • Advanced Backup
    Defend clients’ data, even between scheduled backups. Extend backup capabilities to SAP HANA, Oracle DB, MariaDB, MySQL, and application clusters. You can also gain visibility into data-protection statuses across your clients’ infrastructure.
    • Continuous data protection
    • Data protection map
    • Off-host data processing
    Learn more
  • Advanced Disaster Recovery
    Get clients back to business in mere minutes when disaster strikes by spinning up their systems in the Acronis Cloud and restoring them anywhere, ensuring immediate data availability. Make disaster recovery painless and increase efficiency with orchestration, runbooks, and automatic failover.
    • Disaster recovery orchestration
    • Production failover
    • Site-to-site VPN
    Learn more
  • Advanced Email Security
    Block any email threat, including spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), advanced persistent threats (APTs), and zero days in seconds before it reaches end users. Leverage Perception Point’s next-generation technology for lightning-fast detection and easy deployment, configuration, and management.
    • Anti-phishing and anti-spoofing engines
    • Anti-evasion and account takeover protection
    • Next-generation dynamic detection against zero-days
    Learn more
  • Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    Prevent leakage of sensitive data from endpoints via more than 70 local and network channels and strengthen compliance with minimal effort and speed to value.
    • Content-aware data loss prevention
    • Automatic client-specific DLP policy creation and extension
    • Pre-build data classifiers for common regulatory frameworks
    Learn more
  • Advanced File Sync and Share
    Get a full control over data location, management and privacy with a file sync and share service, including a transaction ledger to enable notarization and eSignature capabilities, across all platforms.
    • File notarization
    • Embedded eSignatures
    • Independent file verification
    Learn more
  • Advanced Management
    Streamline and automate your routine tasks via scripting and promptly close security gaps in clients’ infrastructure through patch management. Gain visibility into your clients’ software assets and data protection to ease daily tracking and planning tasks, and improve clients’ uptime by monitoring disk drives health.
    • Cyber scripting
    • Automated patch management
    • Disk drive health monitor
    Learn more
Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Advanced Security
Advanced Backup
Advanced Disaster Recovery
Advanced Email Security
Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Advanced File Sync & Share
Advanced Management

Looking for help?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Management offer automated patch management?

    The Advanced Management add-on adds extensive patch management capabilities, mapped directly to the vulnerability assessments for proper prioritization.

    The solution also provides thorough visibility into endpoint protection through vulnerability and security gaps assessments.

    Advanced Management’s patch management capabilities can also be fully automated. Service providers can easily plan and automate their work with an ability to schedule patch deployment tasks. The solution’s auto-approval capability also reduces the staff needed for patch testing and quality control.

    As part of the process, an integrated fail-safe patching technology backs up the system before a patch is applied to enable fast recovery in case a faulty patch renders the system unstable.

  • How does Advanced Management integrate data protection management?

    The Advanced Management add-on extends the capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to deliver comprehensive data protection management, encompassing multiple defense layers.

    With Advanced Management, service providers can map vulnerability assessments with a patch management service to prioritize the closing of security gaps based on their severity.

    For thorough visibility over protected assets, the add-on collects information about hardware and software assets to provide a common view for easy planning, preparation, and tracking of updates and replacements to ensure no data loss.

    Moreover, systems are protected against downtime and data loss due to patch failures, since Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s agent automatically makes a full-image backup of the machine before applying a patch, enabling immediate recovery.

  • How can the vulnerability management capabilities help reduce management work?

    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud assesses system vulnerabilities and lists them based on criticality within the Management Console. This helps ease patch prioritization efforts, providing visibility over vulnerabilities with information on their criticality.

    Patch management can also be automated, deploying patches on a schedule. Advanced Management also reduces the personnel needed to operate patch testing and quality control with auto-approval capabilities. To minimize planned downtime, flexible reboot and maintenance window options are provided.

    Software inventory collection helps service providers maintain a full list of software used by clients and includes change tracking to properly prepare, plan, and track updates.


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