Acronis named a Leader in G2 Grid® for Cloud Email Security for Small Business

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Concluding a year characterized by extraordinary growth and recognition across the service provider and business cyber protection space, we are proud to announce Acronis was named a Leader in the G2 Grid® for Cloud Email Security for Small Business. With a spotlight on Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for service providers, the latest accolade positions Acronis Advanced Email Security as a frontrunner among key industry players and demonstrates Acronis’ ongoing track record in meeting and exceeding users’ expectations.

Why Acronis is a Leader in G2 Grid® Cloud Email Security for Small Business

Amid a total of 81 featured email security software vendors, Acronis was placed far ahead of major competitors in the small business segment. Players include Microsoft Defender, Vade, Coro, Barracuda, Symantec, Mimecast and more.

Within the Leaders quadrant, Acronis outperformed nearly all vendors with Advanced Email Security treading on the heels of Microsoft Defender. The solution has garnered over 350 reviews, with the vast majority ranking five stars. By showcasing exemplary market presence and customer satisfaction, Acronis surpassed industry heavy hitters to secure a leading position — the upper-right corner of the Leaders quadrant.

This achievement not only reflects outstanding cloud email security features and technologies, but also underscores the extraordinary and unrivaled level of service, partnership and support Acronis consistently delivers to our partners.

G2 Grid® explained

G2 Grid® is an esteemed report based on peer-to-peer reviews gathered from real-world users and definitive data from trusted online sources. What sets G2 Grid® apart from other market analysts is its unique approach to vendor evaluation that represents the democratic customer voice of real product users. Using a proprietary algorithm, G2 calculates satisfaction and market presence ratings. Vendors are plotted on a four-quadrant chart to ensure featured products and software companies are captured, evaluated, and displayed in an orderly and consumable way by everyone. The four quadrants are divided into each G2 position: Leaders, High Performers, Contenders and Niche.

Concluding thoughts

Being named a Leader in G2 Grid® for Cloud Email Security for Small Business is a testament to Acronis’ dedication and commitment to our partners. This accomplishment demonstrates our MSP-centric approach to delivering outstanding client satisfaction, fortifying cyber protection, enhancing cyber resilience and safeguarding business continuity for both our partners and their clients.

Replace the inefficient security stack of sandboxes and content disarm and reconstruction technologies (CDRs) with a multilayered email security solution for lightning-fast detection that’s easy to deploy and manage. This multilayered security approach enables partners to deliver improved protection against advanced and sophisticated cyberthreats, assure business continuity, adhere to compliance and eliminate complex challenges to maximize partners’ efficiency. Unlike many of the market’s leading solutions, Acronis empowers MSPs with integrated cybersecurity, data protection and management — in a single solution.

Discover why Acronis is a G2 Grid® Leader in Cloud Email Security for Small Business. Learn more about Acronis Advanced Email Security

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