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Acronis Cyber Protect
Formerly Acronis Cyber Backup
Centralized cyber protection solution to streamline your endpoint protection, backup and disaster recovery, and management through integration and automation.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Integrated cyber protection platform unifying cybersecurity, backup & recovery, and management to reduce complexity, streamline your services and cut costs. All in one solution for MSPs.

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Enhanced data backup for mobile devices

Learn how your peers protect their data
  • Acronis protects world’s largest alumina refinery from data loss
    Case study
    Acronis protects world's largest alumina refinery from data loss

    With Acronis, we have significantly improved our Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). We find Acronis is the best solution to protect our data and support our disaster recovery plan.

  • Johnson Electric quadruples backup speed with Acronis
    Case study
    Johnson Electric quadruples backup speed with Acronis

    The speed with which we can now backup and restore business data was a big selling point for us. Acronis Backup gives us confidence because we know our data backups are complete.

  • Granite Ridge Builders use Acronis to protect their data from ransomware
    Case study
    Granite Ridge Builders use Acronis to protect their data from ransomware

    The tight integration with Hyper-V makes Acronis Backup Advanced the best choice for easy and quick backup of virtual machines. Installation and configuration is easy.

The most comprehensive mobile backup for your Android, iPhone, or iPad

  • Protection management made simple

    Save time and money by managing backups, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection all through a single web-based interface — no need to train IT staff on the use of multiple, non-integrated solutions.
  • Flexible reporting and monitoring

    Stay informed about your protection status with advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities, including customizable widgets, reports, and critical alerts.
  • Universal restores to any hardware

    Optimize your recovery process with the ability to restore data, apps, and configuration settings to a variety of physical or virtual platforms — even new, dissimilar hardware — with just a few clicks.
  • Integrated anti-malware protection

    Stay safe from modern cyberthreats, which often explicitly target backups and backup processes. Acronis’ advanced anti-malware technologies secure your files against unauthorized modification and encryption.
  • End-to-end encryption

    Keep prying eyes off your sensitive data with multi-level encryption that includes per-archive AES-256 encryption and high-grade disk-level encryption in Acronis data centers.
  • Remote management of multi-tenants

    Manage remote offices, branch offices, and departments easily with the ability to oversee, delegate, and establish separate tenants for multiple administrators.
  • Drive health monitoring

    Avoid disaster by spotting hardware issues in advance. Acronis Cyber Protect uses AI-driven drive health monitoring to warn you of impeding disk failure and other potential problems.
  • Anti-malware protection for backups

    Ensure a clean recovery, free of infected files. Acronis Cyber Protect uses built-in anti-malware scanning to find and remove any cyberthreats that may be lurking in your backups.
  • Optimized data storage

    Safeguard more data while minimalizing disk storage and network capacity demands. Acronis Cyber Protect uses deduplication technology to capture and process only data that’s changed since your last backup.
  • Robust support for all systems

    Manage backup for both modern and legacy systems with a single solution, all through one centralized console. Migrate data between different hypervisors, and to/from physical machines or the cloud.
  • Acronis Instant Restore

    Avoid costly and embarassing downtime. In the event of a disaster, Acronis Cyber Protect makes it easy to maintain business continuity. Simply run your latest backup as a virtual server — no need to wait for a time-consuming full recovery.
  • Blockchain-based notarization

    Shield your data from tampering with an extra layer of protection. Powered by advanced blockchain-based technology, the Acronis Cyber Notary feature ensures the integrity of your backups.
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Get the best mobile data protection: go beyond backup with cyber protection

Every day, the data your business relies on is at risk. Sophisticated cyberthreats, hardware failure, and even simple human error — they can all devastate organizations of any size. If you hope to secure business-critical data across your entire environment — servers, desktop and mobile endpoints, and the cloud — you need more than a traditional backup solution: you need the integrated cyber protection of Acronis Cyber Protect.

  • Superior backups

    Superior backups

    Restore entire workloads quickly and reliably after any incident, whether the cause was accidental or malicious
  • Advanced cybersecurity

    Advanced cybersecurity

    Secure your systems and data backups with cutting-edge anti-malware protection that blocks even the newest cyberthreats based on the malicious behaviors they exhibit
  • Protection management

    Protection management

    Streamline your IT operations with capabilities like URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, and patch management — all controlled through a single pane of glass
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Acronis Cyber Protect

Protect your data from any threat with a single solution

What the experts say

  • We believe that Acronis Cyber Protect is among the most comprehensive attemps to provide data protection and cyber security to date. ... Acronis shows potential to disrupt traditional IT security vendors by delivering integrated components for backup/recovery and malware detection and protection.

    Phil Goodwin
    Research Director – Cloud Data Management and Protection, IDC

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I back up my mobile device?

    Your mobile devices hold important data – personal files, videos, music, installed apps, customized configurations, contacts, emails, and more. If you don't have reliable backups, a lost or stolen phone means you won't only lose the device but also lose all data on it for good.
    Even if your mobile device is safe and sound, human error is one of the primary reasons for lost data. If you accidentally delete a file or a document, you'd need a backup to bring it back. If you do regular backups of your phone, accidental deletion will only take a few seconds to remediate.
    However, even if you have stellar data-handling habits, malware and viruses can infiltrate your mobile device and wreak havoc on all data inside. Pesky malware can delete, corrupt, or hold data for ransom – if you don't have a secure backup of all mobile device information, you can lose it in minutes. Moreover, suppose you keep work-related files and documents on your device. In that case, losing data will also harm your business, leading to downtime and added expenses to replace or recreate (if possible) the lost data.
    Aside from data loss scenarios, mobile device backup is helpful when setting up new devices. Suppose you need an upgrade on your phone – you purchase the new device but now have to set it up from scratch. If you have a backup of your old phone in secure storage, you can restore it to the new device. Robust backup solutions allow users to make exact configuration copies of their mobile device so that the new phone will have all the data from their old one.

  • What is the best mobile data backup solution?

    Different users may have varying preferences when it comes to data backup. However, there are several primary conditions to define a good mobile data backup solution.
    First, it's best to use an intuitive solution, preferably offering a centralized console to monitor and manage all backup tasks. User-friendly software means you'll spend less time configuring backups and restoring data. The less interference a solution needs, the better for a busy user.
    Secondly, automation is critical to ensure regular backups. Even if you're a schedule mastermind, you can still occasionally forget to initiate a manual backup. A properly configured automated solution denies such a possibility – it will create backups following a strict schedule as long as you have free storage space on your chosen storage platform.
    Thirdly, value for money is a critical factor when choosing the best backup solution for your mobile devices. It's best to choose a flexible solution so you'd only pay for the services and storage space you use. Moreover, a solution compatible with different operating systems is handy because you can use it for your entire home network – PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.
    Lastly, storage options are crucial if you want quick backup access. Some users prefer their backups to be offline to avoid exposure to potential cyber threats. While offline (local) copies are convenient, they limit recovery options – you can't access your external hard drive at home if you're at work or on vacation. On the other hand, cloud backups are accessible from any place, anytime, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Nonetheless, it's best to go for a solution allowing local and cloud backup. This way, you can store your backups in different locations, supporting the 3-2-1 Rule of Backup, and you'd have the whole specter of recovery options to suit any data-loss scenario.

  • Which is the best method to back up Android?

    Smartphones and tablets hold critical information – contacts, photos, videos, music files, calendar appointments, etc. You need a mobile backup solution that covers every data type and allows frequent and secure backups of all essential data. Moreover, you want your solution to enable quick recovery to multiple device types, so you can quickly restore data to the closest device if your smartphone is compromised.
    Acronis Cyber Protect offers remote backup management to back up your phone from anywhere to the Acronis Cloud. You can use version control to keep different file versions in secure backup and restore the exact copy you need. Moreover, you can automate the entire backup process to never forget a backup.
    While Acronis Cyber Protect offers advanced backup options, it also focuses on protecting your data at rest and in transit. With your backups safely stored on the Acronis Cloud, you will have anywhere access to them, as long as you have a stable internet connection. You will benefit from end-to-end encryption for all data, so even if someone gets hold of it, they won't be able to access it.
    As for local backup, Acronis Cyber Protect allows wireless backup to local computers or external hard drives. You can have both offline and online backups to support the 3-2-1 Rule of Backup. And as we support multi-platform environments, you can back up Android and iOS devices with the same solution and manage the entire backup process for all your devices via a single, centralized dashboard.
    Should you need to recover a specific file, our solution offers versatile recovery options. You can restore an individual file without recovering the entire backup to your smartphone. Even if you don't consider yourself tech-savvy, backup and recovery with Acronis Cyber Protect are intuitive and effortless – you only need to choose your backup schedule and storage location, and the solution will take care of the rest.

  • How do I back up my phone to external storage?

    Nowadays, people use mostly their phones for texting, shopping, snapping photos, social media interactions, and more. Even if PCs can hold more data, mobile device backup is critical to protect your essential files. Fortunately, Acronis Cyber Protect makes it easy to back up Android and iOS devices, even if you're a backup beginner.
    To backup an Android device to a local external storage or the Acronis Cloud, follow these steps:

    1. 1. Go to the Google Play Store to download the Acronis Mobile app
    2. 2. Install the app -> open it -> choose your preferred storage location
    3. 3. Tap "Back up now"
    4. 4. Select the data categories you want to back up

    Once setup is complete, Acronis Cyber Protect will create regular, secure backups either to an external hard drive, your PC, or the Acronis Cloud as long as the chosen storage device has enough space to contain the new backup.
    As for iOS devices, here are the steps to backup your iPhone data securely and efficiently:

    1. Go to iTunes -> download and install the Acronis Mobile app
    2. After installation, open the Mobile app and follow the steps to choose a backup method, storage location, and schedule (you'd be done in just a couple of selections and taps)
    3. Once setup is complete, your iOS device data will be safe, secure, and encrypted in local external storage or the Acronis Cloud.

    Keep in mind, local storage backups require you to connect the Android or iOS device to an external hard drive, USB, or computer. Cloud backups only require a stable internet connection. Even if it takes a bit more work, using both local and cloud storage for your backups is best. This way, you protect your data against multiple data-loss scenarios and always have it readily available for recovery.

  • Can Acronis Cyber Protect back up an iPhone?

    Yes. Acronis Cyber Protect allows multi-platform backups, including iPhones.
    With Acronis Cyber Protect, you can manage the backup process remotely and back up your iPhone from anywhere to the Acronis Cloud. You can use version control to keep various file versions in secure backup and recover the exact file copy when needed. You can also automate the entire backup process to never skip a backup. Acronis Cyber Protect also allows local backups – you can connect your iPhone to your computer, an external HDD, or a USB flash drive and keep local copies of your data to enable quick access and complement the 3-2-1 Rule of Backup.
    While Acronis Cyber Protect offers enhanced backup options, it also focuses on securing your data at rest and in transit. Cyber Protect will apply end-to-end encryption to all iPhone data, so even if someone gets hold of it, they won't be able to access it. With your backups securely stored on the Acronis Cloud, you can access them from anywhere, anytime. And as we support multi-platform networks, you can back up iOS and Android devices with the same solution and manage backup processes for all your devices via a single, centralized console.
    Acronis Cyber Protect offers flexible recovery options if you need to recover a specific file. You can recover an individual file without restoring the entire backup to your iPhone. Even if you don't consider yourself tech-savvy, backup and recovery with Acronis Cyber Protect are user-friendly and intuitive – you need to choose your backup type, schedule, and storage location while the solution takes care of the rest.

  • Why should businesses and corporations care about employee mobile backup?

    Modern companies support multi-platform environments – you have office PCs, tablets, employee mobile devices, and more to form a complex network to procure services quickly and efficiently. However, many businesses fortify their on-site computers while giving little to no attention to mobile devices. Even if Androids and iPhones supposedly contain fewer company data, they can still access the company network – this means having access credentials, project data, and critical documents on them. If a device is stolen or lost, perpetrators can use it to infiltrate the company network and compromise your business.
    Moreover, the company's primary network cybersecurity strategy rarely benefits mobile devices. Employees working from home need to rely on their home cybersecurity system. If they have one in place. With phishing and ad malware swarming online, every work-related mobile device must be protected optimally.
    Comprehensive mobile device security includes two primary conditions – regular mobile data backups to multiple secure locations and data encryption. Having both means your employees can recover all essential data if the device is lost or stolen while denying cyber actors from reading device data if the phone or tablet is infected with malware.
    While securing every mobile device capable of accessing the company network is challenging, keeping your business processes unhindered is crucial to deny downtime and protect your brand's image. Using a robust backup and cyber protection solution, like Acronis Cyber Protect, eases multi-device backups and offers advanced end-to-end encryption to ensure your company network is not compromised by an unprotected smartphone or tablet. Even if paid solutions may be considered an added expense, they can more than compensate for their price in denied data-loss costs, workforce hours, and IT teams' efforts.

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