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  • OPSWAT Platinum certification

    OPSWAT Platinum certification

  • G2 Leader in Online Backup

    G2 Leader in Online Backup

  • AV-TEST participant and test winner

    AV-TEST participant and test winner

  • Gold medal for Endpoint protection

    Gold medal for Endpoint protection

Three reasons why MSPs should choose Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud vs. Arcserve

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Accounts management
Large-scale recovery
Service provider cloud storage
Vendor's cloud storage
Software-defined storage by vendor
Active Directory granular restore
Microsoft Dynamics 365 backup
Salesforce backup
Global backup deduplication
Hard drive health monitoring
Mobile devices backup

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AHAVA gains better backup and recovery — and true business continuity — with Acronis
Case study
AHAVA switched to Acronis for better backup, recovery and true business continuity

In looking for a backup and recovery solution that could lead them to the future, Ahava chose Acronis. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the only solution that natively integrates cybersecurity, data protection and management to protect endpoints, systems and data. This synergy eliminates complexity, so MSPs can protect clients better while controlling costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud a better choice than Arcserve?

    Arcserve's exit from the MSP market signifies that it no longer offers a direct competing solution to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for MSPs. This withdrawal leaves a gap that Acronis can fill, providing MSPs with a comprehensive, integrated cloud protection solution.

  • Does Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offer any unique features that are not available in Arcserve?

    Yes, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offers several unique features that differentiate it from Arcserve, particularly since Arcserve does not have a direct equivalent in the cloud space tailored for MSPs. Here are some of the unique aspects of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud:

    • Integrated cybersecurity: Acronis includes advanced cybersecurity features with AI-based behavioral heuristics for real-time protection.
    • Unified management: It provides a unified management console that integrates backup, disaster recovery, anti-malware, and endpoint management, streamlining IT workflows.
    • Data sovereignty: With its extensive network of data centers worldwide, Acronis ensures data sovereignty by allowing data storage in specific regions as required by compliance regulations.
    • Acronis Active Protection: This feature specifically targets ransomware threats, offering real-time protection and automatic restoration of affected data, something that Arcserve's traditional solutions do not provide.

  • How does the recovery time following data loss compare between Acronis and Arcserve?

    Acronis offers several features that can significantly reduce recovery time following data loss, compared to Arcserve:

    • One-Click Recovery: Enables quick restoration to the last good state with minimal effort, reducing downtime.
    • Universal Restore: Enables recovery to dissimilar hardware, facilitating seamless system migrations and ensuring business continuity, even when original hardware is not available.
    • Security features: Provides recovery to malware-free points, ensuring clean, secure restoration after cyberattacks.

    These features, including ease of use, flexibility in recovery to new hardware, and enhanced security, position Acronis as a strong choice for organizations prioritizing rapid and secure recovery processes.

  • How do Acronis and Arcserve compare in terms of cloud backup capabilities?

    Acronis differentiates itself from Arcserve with a vast network and adaptable storage solutions:

    • Global Reach: Acronis operates over 50 secure cloud data centers globally, ensuring data safety, availability and compliance with local laws, which enhances disaster recovery and performance.
    • MSP flexibility: Acronis caters to MSPs by offering partner-hosted storage options, enabling them to use their own infrastructure to utilize Acronis's backup services, which is advantageous for those needing customized data management and compliance.

  • How do Acronis and Arcserve compare in terms of ransomware protection capabilities?

    Acronis is integrating cybersecurity features directly into its backup solutions, including advanced ransomware protection. Acronis Active Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and stop ransomware in real time, and automatically restores any affected files. This proactive approach not only prevents the ransomware from causing damage but also ensures minimal downtime by avoiding the need for extensive recovery processes.

    While both Acronis and Arcserve offer ransomware protection, Acronis emphasizes real-time threat detection and automatic restoration, positioning itself as a more proactive solution.

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