Unlock your true potential with MSP Academy training and certification

MSP Academy

Why should managed service providers (MSPs) invest their time and resources in MSP Academy training and certification? The answer is simple: to unlock their true potential and thrive in the ever-evolving cybersecurity industry.

Acronis is proud to announce the launch of MSP Academy, a comprehensive training program designed specifically for MSPs. With a focus on business operations, technology, sales and marketing, MSP Academy aims to equip MSPs with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to excel and grow.

Through Acronis Academy, we’ve provided extensive technology and business training on our products for service providers for over a decade, because we understand the importance of continuous learning and development. In fact, partners who underwent training and certification through the Acronis Academy in 2022 experienced a remarkable 60% increase in revenue from Acronis product sales and a 40% reduction in support incidents.

We developed MSP Academy to build on this success and in response to partner requests for training beyond product-specific topics.

Personalized learning and comprehensive training

MSP Academy is a learning platform that addresses the key challenges MSPs face. It covers a wide range of topics, including starting an MSP, running a successful MSP business, marketing strategies for MSPs and optimizing the efficiency and productivity of MSP technicians. The curriculum is carefully crafted to offer comprehensive training that covers all aspects of managing an MSP business.

One of the standout features of MSP Academy is its flexibility. Learners can explore specific topics of interest or follow a structured learning path. The content is designed to cater to the fast-paced technological changes, with bite-sized modules ranging from three to seven minutes. This allows MSPs to gain impactful insights without disrupting their busy schedules.

The first six modules launched include:

Module 1 - Starting an MSP - Breaking free from the break-fix model

Module 2 - Running an MSP business

Module 3 - Marketing your MSP

Module 4 - Maximizing your business efficiency

Module 5 - Event-in-a-Box for MSPs: How to recruit more clients

Module 6 - CSR in a Box: Share the success of your growing business by helping others

Other initiatives offered through MSP Academy involve partnering with cloud distributors to deliver hybrid boot camps and offering MSPs an immersive learning experience that keeps them at the forefront of industry advancements. But that's not all — we are set to launch a range of new training options, including online, hybrid and offline multilingual courses. This will ensure that MSPs from all around the globe can tap into the program and reap its benefits.

Showcase expertise on social networks — Certifications and Credly badges

Upon completing each training module, participants take a certification exam and earn Credly badges after passing. These badges are a testament to their qualifications and commitment to continuous learning, which they can proudly share on their corporate website or social networks with peers and clients. By earning certifications from MSP Academy, MSPs can showcase their expertise and dedication to providing top-notch services.

Continually invest in learning and development

Phase one of MSP Academy is just the beginning. By January 2024, our library will expand significantly, offering over 60 videos and more than 14 additional modules. These modules will be slightly longer in length as they go into each topic in more depth. This rich repository of knowledge will continue to grow, adapting to our partners' changing needs and feedback.

Acronis is committed to supporting the growth and success of managed service providers. With the introduction of MSP Academy, Acronis provides a comprehensive training program that covers essential aspects of running an MSP business. By investing in continuous learning and development, MSPs stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional services to their clients. Learn from industry experts and partners worldwide to unlock your true potential. Enroll today!

Learn more about MSP Academy and how it can benefit your business here.

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