Files, Servers or Data Centers – Recover at the Push-of-a-Button

With Acronis Disaster Recovery Service, There’s No Trade-Off.

For meeting the fastest-possible RTO (Recovery Time Objective) while making a safe and pragmatic disaster recovery investment, with Acronis Disaster Recovery Service you can have your cake and eat it too. Our unique service model is based on a multi-tenant, software-defined data center (SDDC), hybrid architecture for the simplicity and rapid deployment capability that public cloud services are known for, but also the scalability and security of a private cloud — without the cost and complexity. Acronis Disaster Recovery Service solutions address IT requirements for backup, disaster recovery, and archiving. Our solutions comprise multiple enterprise grade components like automated recovery plans, built-in testing, virtualization, on-premises appliances, elastic cloud storage, global cloud data centers, all configurable to suit every customer’s specific needs.


  • Flexible RPO/RTO
  • Hybrid: local and cloud
  • Windows or Linux
  • Physical or virtual, any hypervisor
  • Storage-independent
  • Push-button recovery
  • Built-in automated testing
  • All-in-one: data, workloads
  • Multiple data transports