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Acronis AnyData Engine

This white paper introduces Acronis’ game-changing architecture for backup, disaster recovery, and secure access - the Acronis AnyData Engine - built to support this new generation of data protection in the easiest, most complete, and safest way.
Acronis delivers your one-stop solution to protect any data in any environment in any location – with best-in-class solutions for each workload that use new generation disk imaging technology to easily, completely and safely capture and recover your critical business systems.
The Acronis AnyData Engine is the core suite of technology that powers all Acronis’ new generation data protection products to capture, store, recover, control, and access data in virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments. Its modular architecture lets you use one or more Acronis products, designed and optimized for a specific workload, and lets you add on, blend, and easily manage additional products as your technology infrastructure evolves - without replacing any products.
Whether your data resides on-premise, in the cloud, or in remote offices, the AnyData Engine combines backup, bare metal restore, migration, deployment, system recovery, and access to keep your data safe.
The white paper describes Engine FlexibilityArchitecture - not a Combination of Separate Products How it Works Unified ControlWorkloadsCapabilities and OperationsAcronis AnyData Engine Benefits The white paper is designed for IT engineers and practitioners who want to understand more about Acronis groundbreaking data protection technologies.

Game-Changing Backup & DR - Acronis AnyData Engine