10 September 2015
Case Studies

Acronis Backup Case Study: Gerard Darel Fashion

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Gerard Darel, a leading French fashion house and retailer of mid to high-end women’s ready-to-wear clothing and leather goods, was first established in 1971 with more than 300 points of sale worldwide, including 140 single brand stores and three on-line retail sites, the IT department has a significant challenge to protect valuable data and ensure business continuity. Gerard Darel relies on VMware virtualization technology for its infrastructure to enable more efficient disaster recovery preparedness.

Today, the Paris offices have 300 VMware virtual workstations and more than 100 VMware servers needing protection. While the benefits of virtualization were clear to the IT department, they realized that the current backup provisions for the virtual servers were no longer adequate, and began to research solutions optimized for VMware environments to secure the data in the organization.

After vigorous testing, Gerald Darel chose Acronis: “During the testing of Acronis Backup for VMware, we found that the backup process only took a few clicks and was completed in less than 5 minutes. This was without any prior training for the team or any contact with Acronis support. Compared to its main competitors, Acronis Backup for VMware proved to be the easiest to use, fastest for recovery and the most efficient solution.”

  • Easy to use and fast to install and deploy
  • Backup process cut to 5 minutes.
  • Simplified centralized management of backup and recovery processes saving time
  • Simplified, automated backup process
  • Faster backups using bare metal restore and disk imaging technology

The case study is for IT Managers and IT engineers who would like to enhance and simplify data and system protection of their VMware environment and would like to repeat the success of Gerard Darel in their own environment.

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