12 May 2020

Acronis Cloud Security Datasheet

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Acronis Cloud Security Datasheet

Organizations are moving their services to public cloud and are building more hybrid cloud solutions. With this, security is becoming increasingly complex as administrators may no longer have access to physical hosts and networks. This requires that many computing services be virtualized and managed remotely, including security. While public clouds can offer many security benefits, the generic solutions provided by Microsoft Azure are limited and are not purpose-built for the rapidly-changing security needs of today’s enterprise. Until now, users have had to rely on multiple third-party vendors to obtain end-to-end protection for their virtualized environments.
Acronis Cloud Security is a comprehensive security solution which addresses all of these challenges by taking the industry’s leading security solution for Hyper-V and expanding it to the public cloud. Acronis Cloud Security can be deployed either as a Windows or web application – standalone, or from Microsoft Azure Marketplace.