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Bluefin Technology Group adopts Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Bluefin Technology Group reports growing margins and increased customer satisfaction since adopting Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

Maintaining and protecting corporate infrastructure is a tough and tiring ordeal. Many different tools are needed, requiring constant switching, updating, and configuration — eating into valuable time that could be otherwise spent maintaining and making improvements in different areas of an organization. Acronis simplifies this, taking away needless complexity and offering an easy-to-use platform, saving time, money and resources.

Bluefin Technology Group is an IT MSP firm dedicated to offering IT support to small and medium businesses, offering data backup, VoIP phone systems, cloud services, and more. Recently, Bluefin Technology Group implemented Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud benefiting its own system while offering Acronis products and services directly to its clients.

Acronis spoke to a representative at Bluefin Technology Group about their recent move to Acronis, painting a picture of the contrast between having a simplified, unified platform, and outsourcing protection needs between several vendors and services.

Bluefin Technology Group adopts Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
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