05 December 2018
Case Studies

Eze Castle Diversifies Data Protection for UK Clients by Storing Acronis Backup Data in Google Cloud.

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Eze Castle Integration is a leading provider of managed services and technology solutions for the investment management industry, servicing hedge funds, private equity firms, and other financial services organizations around the globe. Today, they support more than 650 clients with more than 400 utilizing their Eze Cloud solutions.

To test the integration with Google Cloud, Eze Castle stored sample data in the cloud and executed a series of test to ensure every stepof the process was smooth and dependable. Initial tests proved successful, so the company began storing production data from their UK customers in the cloud and executed recoveries as well. The results exceeded their expectations. By targeting Google Cloud storage through Acronis Backup’s easy-to-use interface, Eze Castle was able to restore SQL databases, distinctfiles and folders, and full virtual machines. Most notably, implementing Google Cloud storage through Acronis.

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