11 June 2023
Case Studies

PeopleRock implements robust backup and recovery to expand business lines

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Lack of existing backup protection
Inadequacy of Microsoft 365 data protection
A single platform and interface
Ability to manage cloud and on-premises environments
Ease of use for internal operations and customers
1,500+ personal OneDrives
1,600+ mailboxes
500+ teamsites
30+ local servers
Robust backup and data recovery
New revenue opportunities from additional services

Netherlands-based MSP selects Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for a streamlined, user-friendly protection solution, leading to significant business growth and profitability


PeopleRock is an innovative IT consulting firm located in the Netherlands that delivers customized solutions for clients’ complex ICT challenges. PeopleRock provides product-independent advice, designs ICT environments based on functional requirements, implements solutions using the latest project management techniques and offers ICT support to clients for short- or long-term needs.

The challenges

PeopleRock manages client environments that range from 250 to 2,500 seats, including a variety of servers and databases as well as terabytes of data that require protection and management to ensure seamless operation and business continuity. Before implementing Acronis, PeopleRock hadn’t been using any software for backup. The company knew it needed to find a solution for safeguarding clients’ Microsoft 365 data, securing local servers and cloud-based virtual machines and implementing antivirus. While enhancing cybersecurity was a top priority to ensure the safety and integrity of the digital infrastructure, finding a product that was easy to use and manage was essential to allowing PeopleRock to streamline processes and enable seamless integration with their existing system.

The solution — Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Facing the inadequacy of Microsoft 365’s data protection and the need for a user-friendly, integrated management portal, PeopleRock looked for a better solution. They needed a comprehensive cyber protection approach that encompassed backup, data protection and robust defenses against malware  and ransomware. The goal was to provide an all-in-one package capable of supporting various environments, including on-premises, hybrid and cloud, enhancing the data protection and management experience for clients. PeopleRock considered Veeam, AvePoint and Dropsuit, but each had limitations in backup options for onpremises and cloud environments. They selected Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to deliver a comprehensive, user-friendly cyber protection system that met the varied needs of their clients.

With its intuitive panel and user interface, the Acronis solution enables clients to easily manage their data and choose desired backup and restore options, according to Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant for PeopleRock. “This approach empowers our clients to take charge of their data protection while also enjoying a streamlined, efficient experience,” he said. “Acronis successfully combines aspects of backup, data protection and robust malware and ransomware defense in a single package, capable of supporting diverse environments like on-premises, hybrid, and cloud systems.”

Technical and business benefits

PeopleRock deployed Acronis in one week, a fast timeframe that included customer training, defining scope of work and identifying assets for protection. “The technical implementation was completed in just one day,” says Löke. “Best of all, the Acronis solution was profitable almost immediately. With no need for server installation, we were able to bill customers directly without incurring additional costs for hosting the solution inhouse, unlike with alternatives like Veeam.” This streamlined approach contributed to the swift profitability of the Acronis solution. Training also went smoothly and the team used the Acronis training portal to better understand and use the solution. “As for the Acronis support team, they were not only responsive, but also maintained consistent communication regarding our support tickets,” says Löke. This collaborative spirit was an unexpected benefit of the Acronis partnership. “Acronis provided exceptional cyber protection solutions and acted as a valuable partner to our company, demonstrating a strong commitment to collaboration and helping us achieve shared objectives.”

“Acronis has revolutionized our data protection and management capabilities, allowing our IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives and driving business growth.”
Bas Broeren

Other benefits for PeopleRock include new clients and a new business line. “We’ve expanded our portfolio and offer customizable packages, so we can meet individual client needs,” says Löke. “By providing a fair pricing structure and prioritizing customer satisfaction, we’ve experienced significant growth and positive outcomes.” Future plans include implementing EDR and antivirus solutions, along with additional automation of their current Acronis installation. “Managing and backing up mixed environments can be complex, especially with on-premises, hybrid and cloud solutions. Acronis’ interoperability across all these environments gives us the support we need to capitalize on market opportunities. By leveraging the Acronis platform’s flexibility and scalability, we can ensure our customers’ data is protected regardless of where it’s stored.”

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