01 April 2020

The Five Levels of MSP Platform Integration

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The Five Levels of MSP Platform Integration

Cybersecurity services are one of the most obviously promising paths to MSP growth and increased profits right now. The world is awash in cyberthreats like ransomware attacks, and every business (especially in the small-to-medium sector) is struggling to avoid the costly downtime and data loss they inflict. It might be tempting for an MSP to bolt a few cybersecurity point products onto its existing service suite. But that only increases the infrastructure heterogeneity problem, with the resultant drag on profits and efficiency worsening with the addition of each new service.
There is a better way to address the urgent need of SMBs for cyber protection services while also achieving steady, profitable growth. But to do so, MSPs must address five distinct, critical challenges of integration and automation at the operational and technological level. This paper examines these challenges and considers how MSPs might address them.