15 January 2016
Case Studies

US Department of Agriculture stays at the forefront of mobilization with Acronis Files Advanced

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The USDA is composed of 17 separate agencies with an additional 17 offices that support research and development, marketing, safety, economic assistance, conservation, forest management, and many other services across the US and foreign markets.

With the new era of mobile computing, smartphones and tablets, wireless communications and cloud services, the USDA sought to take advantage of a mobilized workforce and the blurring lines between personal and corporate computing resources. However, to utilize these technical trends, the agency needed to construct and execute a mobile strategy, combining device management, application delivery, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concepts while improving IT insight, retaining control, and cutting costs. 

The ability to access Office documents without leaving the security of the Acronis Files interface gives the USDA confidence that their sensitive data is protected. Acronis Files allows administrators to not only access and edit their Office documents, but also control which applications gain access to the retrieved or stored data and what users are allowed to do with the data (copy and paste, print, email, etc.)

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