Acronis MSP Protection

MSPs are a target of cyberattacks aiming to access clients’ endpoints and valuable data. The platforms MSPs rely on are increasingly exploited in supply chain attacks, such as the Kaseya, SolarWinds, and ConnectWise breaches.

Acronis MSP Protection
Acronis provides its MSP partners with Acronis MSP Protection —free of charge — helping you to prevent breaches before they can damage your business, clients, or reputation. With Acronis Detection and Response technology, our security-centric development practices, and training modules to increase the cybersecurity expertise of your personnel, you’ll be better positioned to prevent supply chain attacks than ever before.

Everything you need to manage cyber risks, free of charge

  • Acronis

    Strengthen your security posture at no cost

    Add Acronis Detection and Response technologies to enhance your anti-malware protection. Detect and stop attacks, including zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), before they harm your business or move laterally to your clients.

    Up to 15 endpoint licenses at no charge.

  • Acronis

    Increase your team’s cybersecurity expertise

    Take advantage of security-awareness and cyber protection training modules tailored to MSPs and delivered by the Acronis #CyberFit Academy to enhance your ability to have a security-first culture and deliver better services to clients.
  • Acronis

    Get a proven security-centric partner

    Partner with Acronis, a trusted MSP partner with a security-centric approach, that ensures the services you deliver can’t be exploited to penetrate clients’ defenses. Make sure that your data is accessible only by you, and available at any given moment.
  • Threat-agnostic security
    Supercharge your endpoint security with a post-breach threat detection and response. Detect and prevent advanced attacks that evade other security layers, such as new or unknown malware and ransomware, fileless attacks, zero-days, and APTs to avoid data leakage.
  • Real-time protection
    Automatically prevent damage from security breaches, unlike solutions that require manual threat hunting and remediation. Get access to detection and incident response services managed by Acronis’ security professionals for ultimate protection and peace of mind.
  • Focused and detailed visibility
    Eliminate the need for manual threat hunting and analysis of overwhelming data volumes. Streamline security investigations and gain granular visibility into each cyberattack’s timeline, origin, tactics, techniques, procedures, and goals.
Near-zero total cost of ownership
Near-zero total cost of ownership
Our MSP partners get Acronis Detection and Response free of charge under an NFR license. Reach near-zero total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to automated threat hunting and low bandwidth consumption. Save further investments by leveraging your existing resources and infrastructure.
  • Free of charge NFR license
  • Protection for up to 15 endpoints
  • Automate threat hunting — no manual ainvolvement
  • No need for costly infrastructure

Threat prevention capabilities to revolutionize MSPs’ protection

  • Behavior pattern mapping

    Behavior pattern mapping

    Our patented technology acts as the brain of Acronis Detection and Response. It can identify any deviations from normative behavior of system calls, and block both known and unknown malware during runtime.
  • Advanced forensic analysis

    Advanced forensic analysis

    Enable security analysts to fully understand when, where, and how cyberattacks happen — as well as who on the network was affected and what the attackers tried to accomplish — with meaningful and actionable forensic data.
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

    Leverage threat-agnostic protection managed by Acronis security analysts. Get 24/7 security and the intelligence necessary to protect your data, infrastructure, and assets from new and evolving threats.
  • Real-time threat prevention

    Real-time threat prevention

    Save time and effort with automatic threat detection and prevention, instead of relying on manual or semi-manual threat hunting and remediation.
  • OS hardening

    OS hardening

    Strengthen your security posture with custom, granular deny rules, aligned with your organization's needs. Set company-wide policies or assign them to specific user groups.
  • Allowlisting


    Add exceptions to Acronis Detection and Response threat prevention capabilities, based on your organization's needs, to reduce unnecessary noise even further and control false positives.
  • Flexible deployment options

    Flexible deployment options

    Get Acronis Detection and Response in the most convenient way for you. Leverage your existing infrastructure and deploy on-premises, or use a Cloud deployment model hosted via Microsoft Azure or AWS.
  • Detection mode

    Detection mode

    Ensure smooth deployments, avoid process disturbances from false positives, and enable rapid incident response by gaining deep visibility into any attack with real-time alerts and threat analyses.
  • Prevention mode

    Prevention mode

    Stop simply reacting to breaches — prevent them in real-time. Identify and automatically block threats before they harm your organization’s or clients’ data, and get access to advanced forensic analyses of each incident.

Detection and Response

Prevent any threat from reaching your clients through you. Protect your endpoints and data.

Deliver better cybersecurity expertise to your clients

Efficient protection against today’s threats requires not just technology, but also human expertise. Acronis enables our MSP partners with a set of security training modules, helping you to deliver better services or begin your transition to an MSSP.

  • Diverse MSP-centric training modules

    Diverse MSP-centric training modules

    Get access to a comprehensive set of security training modules specially developed for service providers, focusing on cyber protection, the threat landscape, compliance, and essential cybersecurity practices.
  • Continuous enablement

    Continuous enablement

    Stay ahead on the latest trends in the threat landscape and the cybersecurity industry with continuously updated training materials on in-demand topics delivered by the Acronis #CyberFit Academy.
  • No associated costs

    No associated costs

    Start enabling your team right away and eliminate additional training costs — Acronis’ security training is available to all service providers partnering with Acronis, free of charge.
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Partner with an established member of the cybersecurity community

  • Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization member
    Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization member
  • VirusTotal member
    VirusTotal member
  • Cloud Security Alliance member
    Cloud Security Alliance member
  • Anti-Phishing Working Group member
    Anti-Phishing Working Group member
  • Microsoft Virus Initiative member
    Microsoft Virus Initiative member

Acronis relies on secure and compliant data center providers

Acronis’ security-first approach
Acronis’ security-first approach
Acronis’ products ensure all your data is end-to-end encrypted at every stage so only you can access it. We employ transparent, security-centric development practices and ensure regular security training for engineers to protect customer data from modern threats. Acronis tests its agents with independent testing laboratories such as VB100, SELabs, AV Test, and AV Comparatives. Since 2018, we’ve run a bug bounty program on HackerOne to ensure our products employ the highest level of security.
  • AES-256 encryption for customer data
  • Security-centric development
  • Independent evaluations of technologies
  • Bug bounty program
About security at Acronis

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