Acronis Files Connect 10.5

Acronis Files Connect 10.6

formerly ExtremeZ-IP

Licensing options

  Standard License For small and medium environments Enterprise License Program For larger environments and enterprises
Licensing model Perpetual (1-Time Purchase)
  1. Installed on one Windows-based server
  2. Licensed for max. number of clients connecting to the server A single “client” supports one Mac computer and one mobile device user (up to 3 mobile devices per user
1-Year Subscription
  1. Installable on unlimited number of servers
  2. Licensed for max. number of clients in the organization A single “client” supports one Mac computer and one mobile device user (up to 3 mobile devices per user
Maintenance Includes support & maintenance services, major & minor updates, hot fixes, and any upgrades released during the term of your coverage.
  1. Is included in the 1st year
  2. Requires renewal
  1. Is always included during subscription period
DFS support Acronis Files Connect supports giving Mac users AFP access to Distributed File System (DFS) shares in two ways. Clients either connect directly to target shares, or with Network Reshare support, you can create a single AFP share that allows directly browsing the entire namespace.
  1. Requires Mac client installation and Acronis Files Connect installed on DFS target servers
  1. Instant browsing of DFS namespaces via Network Reshare
  2. No client software installation required
  3. Acronis Files Connect not required on DFS target servers
Clustering Clustering provides fast failover and quick restart of the services provided by a failed server node. You set up an Acronis Files Connect Cluster using Failover Clustering on Windows Servers.
  1. Additional "Cluster Server" licenses required
  1. Included
Network Reshare With the Network Reshare feature, Mac clients can use AFP file sharing to connect to one Acronis Files Connect server, and access files and folders located on additional SMB file servers and NAS devices, as well as Distributed File System (DFS) file shares.
  1. N/A
  1. Included
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