Cyber Appliance

Cost-Efficient, Multi-Purpose, Scale-Out Storage Solution

Cyber Appliance
Cyber Appliance
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The Acronis Cyber Appliance is the optimal choice for secure storage for backups. It is an easy-to-use data center for block, file, and object storage. It comes with Acronis Cyber Infrastructure pre-deployed on a cluster of five servers contained in a single 3U chassis.

Acronis Cyber Appliance
    Intuitive GUI allows for rapid deployment and easy management, saving time spent by IT administrators.
    Erasure coding schemes provide solid data protection, defaulting to 3+2 protection.
    Availabilty of Data-at-Rest Encryption (D@RE) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) help keep stored data secure.
    High Availability
    Five separate server nodes in one chassis keep you up and running even in the event of component failure.
    If you need to add additional resources, simply expand your cluster with another Acronis Cyber Appliance.

All the tools. One simple interface

  • Acronis Cyber Appliance has customizable dashboards for easy monitoring
  • Starting to deploy Acronis Cyber Appliance
  • Enabling Data-at-Rest Encryption (D@RE)
  • Configuring role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Ensuring all nodes are up to date
  • Acronis Cyber Appliance logs every action, making compliance audits easy

Use cases

Acronis Cyber Appliance is a versatile solution, and can be used in multiple ways. Some of the main use cases are shown below.

  • Backup Storage

    The optimal backup target and on-premises cold storage for your backups - keep your data close for quick recovery
  • Service Providers

    Acronis Cyber Appliance is the optimal building block for a for hosting data for multiple customers
  • Replication of Backup Data

    Acronis Cyber Appliance offers easy data replication to multiple cloud destinations including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure
  • On-Premises Storage for Acronis Cyber Cloud

    Using Acronis Cyber Appliance along with Acronis Cyber Cloud provides an extra layer of data protection with a local and off-site copy of backup data
  • Universal Storage

    Serve file, block, and object storage from the same device without creating silos of inaccessible resources

Cyber Appliance

Cost-Efficient, Multi-Purpose, Scale-Out Storage Solution

Technical characteristics

Acronis Cyber Appliance is a pre-installed cluster of five server nodes in a compact (3U) chassis. Acronis Cyber Appliances have baseboard management controllers (BMC) installed, enabling easy remote monitoring and management.

Acronis Cyber Appliance - Solution That Integrates Hardware And Software In One Unit_files
  • Appliance models
  • Node Specifications
  • Acronis Cyber Appliance is offered in your choice of 6 different models, each with a different amount of usable storage capacity(as measured using 3+2 erasure coding across all five nodes). Acronis Cyber Appliance models offered are:

    Model number150311506215078150931510815124
    Raw storage60TB120TB150TB180TB210TB240TB
    Usable storage31TB62TB78TB93TB108TB124TB
  • Every Acronis Cyber Appliance comes with five server nodes installed in the chassis. Each of the five nodes are separate hardware that run independent of the other nodes. Individual nodes can be swapped out and replaced if needed. Each server node in Acronis Cyber Appliance has its own storage, network, memory, and CPU, as follows.

    CPU1 x 2.00GHz 16-core Intel processor
    Network ports2 x 10GbE RJ45; 2 x 10GbE SFP+
    Storage1 x SSD for OS; 1 x SSD for use as cache; 3 x HDD for data storage
    The size of the hard disk drives used by each node depends on the specific appliance model number.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Acronis Cyber Appliance provide high-availability?

While the Acronis Cyber Appliance ships as a single rack-mountable appliance, it houses five independent servers. Each server has its own hot-swapable storage, memory, and CPU. The chassis also has two independent power supplies.

How difficult is it to install Acronis Cyber Appliance?

It's fast and easy, but probably a two-person job - each appliance weighs 35kg (77.2 pounds). Acronis Cyber Appliance is shipped to you with all components already installed. You'll need to install the rail kit in your data center rack and put the appliance on the rails. After that, simply connect the network and power cables and your hardware installation is complete.

What are the Acronis Cyber Appliance's dimensions?

The Acronis Cyber Appliance is 13cm tall, 43.5cm wide, and 60cm deep (5.12in tall, 17.12un wide, and 23.62in deep). A single Acronis Cyber Appliance takes up 3 Rack Units (3U) space.

What operating system does the Acronis Cyber Appliance run?

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure runs our own software-defined infrastructure solution, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure.

What if I need more resources in the future?

Expansion is simple. Install another Acronis Cyber Appliance in your data center, and use the original appliance's GUI to easily add the new appliance to your cluster. This will increase your storage capacity, performance, and high-availability.

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