#AcronisCyberFitSummit Sponsor Spotlight: Open-Xchange

Acronis #CyberFit Summit

Acronis is excited to have Open-Xchange as a sponsor of the Acronis #CyberFit Summit in Schaffhausen this year.

Open-Xchange products create vendor independence, and generate trust in by providing full transparency and control over system governance through their OS business model. With OX App Suite, they develop user-friendly and secure email and collaboration software, while PowerDNS and OX Dovecot Pro complete their offering with robust and scalable IMAP and DNS solutions.

Ahead of the Summit, we connected with John Broomfield, Vice President of Marketing for Open-Xchange, to weigh in on the company’s latest advances and what they’re most looking forward to at the Acronis #CyberFit Summit in Schaffhausen!

In a nutshell, what should our attendees know about your organization and what you can do to help make theirs more successful?

Open-Xchange has been providing email, communication and collaboration software to large hosters and service providers for many years. With millions of users and customers and partners, including GoDaddy, IONOS, Acronis, Comcast, Orange, TalkTalk, KPN, and Net Cologne, to name just a few, we have a significant presence in the independent email provider space. Now, with the latest version of OX Cloud, new business models and exciting built-in upsell and campaign management, we are bringing this knowledge and expertise to National Champions and regional HSPs keen to drive their email business and provide robust, scalable and attractive solutions for their customers.

What are you most looking forward to at the Acronis #CyberFit Summit?

The Acronis #CyberFit Summit and the MSP environment are relatively new to us, so we are really looking forward to meeting all the other sponsors and visitors to introduce Open-Xchange and OX Cloud to them. The Acronis Summits have a great reputation – not just the social side, but also for bringing an interesting mix of business and technical folks together – so we see this as a great opportunity for us to understand real business and product needs.

What kind of new tech will you be discussing or unveiling at the event?

We are especially excited to talk about OX Cloud (our email communication and collaboration platform), our new business models, upsell and user management tools, and how these fit together to drive profitable and sustainable email opportunities — not just in our traditional HSP market, but also for MSPs.

What track, session, or event, are you most excited about at the Acronis #CyberFit Summit?

Naturally our fireside chat session! It’s entitled ‘Creating Successful products for MSP and HSP Channels: 50 Years of Experience’ and brings together Acronis’ CEO Patrick Pulvermueller with Andreas Gauger, our CEO. There are also a couple of interesting sessions that tie data sovereignty, privacy, and security together that we will definitely be listening to in order to see the differences (and overlaps) in the ways these topics are messaged across the MSP, HSP and Public Sector markets that Open-Xchange is active in.

How can clients benefit from your services/products?

OX Cloud delivers the rich and powerful email experience that end-users deserve. It provides resellers of all sizes with an attractive, highly competitive, and scalable solution that helps them unleash the full potential of email. Resellers can provide users with a superior email product that enhances their reputations and increases trust. It also gives resellers a whole new revenue stream, as well as many upsell opportunities. Finally, OX Cloud is easy to onboard, sell, and maintain. Regardless of technical expertise, OX Cloud provides onboarding help, customer care administration tools and even marketing pre-packaged and ready for them to go to market.

What are the biggest changes you expect to hit the industry in the next year?

We see the shift to cloud for email continuing to accelerate — driven by a number of factors beyond the usual advantages of cloud vs. on-premises solutions. Security and privacy concerns, especially around GDPR requirements, and the approach various national governments are likely to adopt to deal with digital sovereignty issues are factors we see increasing in importance, especially for larger HSPs. In addition, there seems to be a growing awareness of the importance of leveraging both open-source and proven cloud solutions, as HSPs who are keen to grow their business are increasingly seeing the need to compete with the giants in this space, including Google and Microsoft, rather than with each other.

Tell us your best piece of business advice for the IT channel audience at the Summit!

As cloud service providers and resellers, we have all known for some time that providing high-performing, premium privacy and security services are important differentiators for us. Over the last few years, end-user awareness and willingness to pay have also been growing.

We expect this trend to accelerate particularly in Europe — driven by an increasing focus on digital sovereignty and privacy by public sector organizations and governments — both national and Europe-wide. This is visible in the emphasis governments are placing on legislation (GDPR) and purchasing criteria that tend to favor home-grown and open-source solutions that we anticipate will provide a competitive boost with respect to the global giants. As service providers and resellers, we should make sure we are prepared to take advantage of this shift fully over the coming year.

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