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Acronis Cyber Protect
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Having a comprehensive backup solution is a vital part of running a successful business. Many businesses around the world struggle to find backup providers who can keep their data protected and recover with minimal downtime.

Integrated solutions like Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) provide users with a complete backup and recovery solution that can be used to restore data to its last available form.   No matter what type of servers you’re running, you can use Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) through a simple management console to manage backup and recovery for all workloads and data. Viewing all of your data through one pane of glass makes it easier to run database backup and recovery effectively. Organizing your data in such a way helps you to ensure that you are adequately protected.   The program is compatible with a wide range of systems to ensure that your data isn’t lost to corruption or human error. A well-defined backup and recovery solution like Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) helps to retrieve your data with ease. Whether it’s from an Microfost SQL server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Azure, or other database you’ll be able to keep your data safe.

DB Backup

Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) for Microsoft SQL Servers

Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) is an extremely reliable disaster recovery solution for protecting Microsoft SQL Server databases. The programs onboard backup and recovery features can help to restore your data up until the point-of-failure and reduce recovery time to a matter of minutes. This can be extremely important to businesses offering on demand services. Similarly, rolling snapshot enables prompt recovery in cases of data corruption or human error. This means that in the event of an accident your data can be recovered from an earlier of time before it was damaged or lost.   Microsoft SQL Server databases contain a diverse range of data, from tables to logs and other components used to structure that data. Acronis’s backup and restore system is an ideal disaster recovery solution with live database backup that can be used to retrieve data promptly. Recovery is designed to enable the user to restore their data up until the point-of-failure. This means that your database can be recovered to the latest possible point.   The user interface is extremely simple, so that staff with no training can easily schedule regular backups and restore a system quickly. The program supports all popular backup destinations (Whether to another server or device).

How to Recover a Microsoft SQL Server

In order to recover data from an application-aware backup, select the machine that originally contained the data that you want to recover under Devices. If you’re recovering from a database backup, click Devices > Microsoft SQL and select the databases that you want to recover. Next, click on Recovery to continue.   At this stage, you need to select a recovery point. If your machine is offline, the recovery points wont be available and you’ll need to click Select Machine and select an online machine before selecting a recovery point on the Backups tab. The selected machine then becomes the target machine for your database recovery.   When recovering from an application-aware backup, click Recover > SQL databases and choose the databases you wish to recover and press Recover. If you’re recovering from a database backup, click Recover > Databases to an instance. Your databases will be recovered to the original ones by default. If your original database doesn’t exist then it will be recreated.

Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) for Microsoft Exchange Server

Many modern businesses are completely reliant on their email servers, particularly when using Microsoft Exchange Servers. Most businesses using Microsoft Exchange servers need to be supported by a reliable backup and recovery solution in order to keep downtime to a minimum. Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) offers a full-scale backup solution that will backup your operating system configuration and data. This way, you’re able to recover databases, emails, and mailboxes quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) For Microsoft Exchange

Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) is a great solution for working with Microsoft Exchange servers for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) can back up entire servers in both physical and virtual environments. Entire servers, databases and mailboxes can be recovered in the event of loss or damage. Acronis is so versatile that in an emergency, single emails can be restored in less than a minute.   In order to backup your data in Microsoft Exchange, you need to move your exchange server into Acronis Cyber Protect's (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) simple web console. Next, you need to install the agent and schedule future backups according to your unique requirements. As backup your data, you can store it to local disks, shared folders and Acronis Cloud Storage. The program will automatically log your database consistency throughout the process.

Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) for Microsoft Azure

As the leading disaster recovery solution on the market, Acronis is a great option for businesses looking to protect their cloud service data. Cloud storage is prone to data loss if left unaccompanied by a complete recovery system. Unlike many other data protection options, Acronis offers integrated backup and recovery to keep your businesses data safe.   Users working with Acronis and Microsoft Azure can use the program to backup their data and recover it in the event of a disaster. Data can be recovered from virtual machines, cloud IaaS environments, physical and virtual systems consistently. In addition, users can backup and recover virtual machines inside Azure, whether to a location on the premises or in the cloud.

How to use Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) for Microsoft Azure

Using Acronis to protect your data in Microsoft Azure is extremely simple. On startup, add your cloud workload VM to your Acronis console. You’ll then be able to backup your Microsoft Azure data to a storage location of your choosing. You can store data in on-premises network storage, shared folders on a separate Azure VM, or Acronis Cloud Storage.   If your VM isn’t working, you can create a new VM based on a template of the original in order to start the recovery process. You can recover data all the way from documents, to single files and folders, to entire Azure VM’s. Acronis Cyber Protect's (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) integrated approach ensures that you can access your data with minimal downtime.

Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) is the Number One Choice for Protecting Server Data

Acronis Cyber Protect (formerly Acronis Cyber Backup) stands above all other recovery database solutions on the market due to its versatility and simplicity. Through one console, you can manage your data backup and recovery in Azure, Exchange and Microsoft SQL. As an integrated backup and recovery program, Acronis ensures that data loss and downtime are kept to an absolute minimum.   The software package has been designed to evolve with your business so that you can set the parameters and backup schedule that works for you. This way if you’re a business that has no tolerance for downtime you can simply click to allow Acronis to conduct regular backups.

About Acronis

Acronis is a Swiss company, founded in Singapore. Celebrating two decades of innovation, Acronis has more than 1,800 employees in 45 locations. The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution is available in 26 languages in over 150 countries and is used by 20,000 service providers to protect over 750,000 businesses.

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