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The demand for remote IT managed services has skyrocketed in recent years as many small and midsize businesses have initiated bring-your-own-device policies and have embraced a hybrid workforce. In fact, nearly 58% of managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide expect that managing remote workers will be their clients’ primary service need. 

From troubleshooting technical problems to leading support sessions, MSPs are expected to deliver consistent, high-caliber support to clients whether they are working in the office, at home or elsewhere. Undoubtedly, remote desktop (RDP) support has revolutionized the way modern service providers deliver services to clients by empowering technicians to remotely access workloads and resolve challenges swiftly and securely.  

The practical solution to ensuring your MSP technicians bring dependable, responsive and secure remote support is with Acronis Advanced Management remote desktop and assistance. The solution enables MSPs to securely access remote workstations and spearhead support sessions with a single integrated solution. 

Acronis remote desktop and assistance: Must-have features for MSPs using RDP 

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Management takes a time-saving and cost-effective approach by not only enhancing operational efficiency, but also by elevating the overall quality of service without the need for on-site fixes — which is table stakes for today’s MSP RDP solutions. By integrating the remote desktop in the same unified web console, MSPs eliminate the need for additional software installations and are empowered to provide instant remote support from any location at any time.  

Plus, Acronis remote desktop assistance offers great cost savings from a training and licensing perspective. Because remote desktop is built in, the feature is readily available at no additional cost. The solution establishes a fast, secure and stable connection, a value-added benefit which is utilized by thousands of MSPs and corporate IT teams around the globe. Remote desktop and assistance is a handy feature within Advanced Management that prioritizes secure remote support that MSP businesses can trust to build profitable, long-standing client relationships and position themselves as top-tier provider. 

Secure remote assistance for an array of endpoint environments 

Acronis’ Remote Desktop and Assistance capabilities can be leveraged across all client endpoints, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Whether you or your technicians need to troubleshoot technical issues, provide support or perform maintenance activities, the solution ensures your MSP business delivers quality, personable experience to clients.  

With a high-performance, secure and stable connection, you can confidently provide your expertise in real time and help clients — even over low-latency networks — enhance the efficiency of their IT administration.  

Integrated, centralized management 

Standalone, remote support tools on the market can be costly, difficult to use and potentially introduce security risks. These challenges also present hurdles when it comes to scaling your MSP business. Remote desktop and assistance within Acronis Advanced Management is integrated, and the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform consolidates multiple solutions in one place. From a single console that utilizes the same Acronis agent, it is easy to add on Advanced Management with no additional installation required.  

This approach empowers you to: simplify management, deliver a consistent user experience, reduce training investments and improve supportability. Additionally, by consolidating cybersecurity, data protection and endpoint management (including remote desktop assistance), you unlock cost savings while enhancing security, scalability, flexibility and compatibility. 

Quick assist 

One of the standout features of Acronis remote desktop and assistance is quick assist. If you or your technicians encounter an issue that can’t be immediately resolved, even on endpoints without the agent installed, quick assist enables you to swiftly deliver ad hoc, remote support to clients — with a direct connection via an IP address. This capability is especially helpful for quick fixes, troubleshooting and smaller tasks that do not require advanced features.  

Session recording 

You can play, pause and rewind previous remote desktop support sessions by viewing session recordings in Acronis remote desktop and assistance. These recordings lend valuable information into the level of service technicians deliver to clients. By viewing support sessions on-demand, you can gain visibility into how your MSP business is solving IT issues. The session recordings help shape your processes, enabling you to simplify and identify underlying causes of technical problems and incidents. 

For instance, we can use the analogy of a police force that uses body cameras. These cameras collect impartial footage of events and disputes while officers are on duty. Similarly, session recordings serve as an unbiased source that MSP technicians can rely on in discrepancies between the technician and client. Session recordings can also help explain a technician’s problem-solving methods and the recorded footage can be shared with the client after the session. 

With session recording, you can even reveal suspicious or unauthorized activities during remote support and help MSPs maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. 

Master MSP efficiency with Acronis  

Unlike using a third-party, single-purpose remote desktop solution, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with Advanced Managment and remote desktop assistance enables you to drive MSP-centric multitasking without needing to switch between solutions, consoles or platforms — eliminating complexity. This empowers your MSP business to get in front of prospects and existing clients to easily promote and demonstrate your services without your team having to make on-site visits — unlocking new revenue opportunities.  

But we didn’t stop there. The Acronis R&D team is always innovating and adding new technologies to our MSP-focused solution ecosystem. 

Not only are we helping MSPs accelerate operational efficiency with Advanced Management, but Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a natively integrated solution that combines cybersecurity, backup, disaster recovery and endpoint management. This means that MSP businesses can plug and play cyber protection to their clients’ changing needs. 

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