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That’s a wrap on the Acronis #CyberFit Summit World Tour 2021. Our fourth and final stop went live simultaneously at the Acronis headquarters in Singapore and virtually around the world, offering an engaging and insightful opportunity for MSPs, resellers, distributors, HSPs and more looking to make their IT channel business more productive and profitable.

Whether you were able to join us in person in Singapore, you logged in virtually from home, or you’re just exploring all of the practical insights and business-building advice you missed at the world’s premier cyber protection event, here are some of the top takeaways from the Acronis #CyberFit Summit in Singapore.

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Acronis’ commitment to service providers is stronger than ever

Kicking off the Singapore Summit, Acronis CEO Patrick Pulvermueller reflected on the changing cyberthreat landscape that he has seen throughout his career. “Twenty years ago, I didn’t have to worry about cyberthreats or cyberattacks. The world has obviously changed a lot in 20 years. In just the last two years, we’ve seen an increase in cyberthreats by more than 300%.” This seismic shift in the threat landscape hasn’t altered Acronis’ focus on reliable, comprehensive protection, however. Instead, it’s inspired the organization to redouble its commitment to the service providers and other IT channel partners that make up the Acronis community.

“I promise you,” Pulvermueller commented, “I will listen to service providers like you to find out what you need to protect your end-customers. This is what I call ‘cyber protection with the power of you’.”

“At Acronis, we have a vision for a one-stop cyber protection to our partners,” explained Yury Averkiev, VP of Product Management. “This allows you to efficiently manage, protect and offer the fastest return to productivity for your end-customer environments.” This vision, he explained, is being realized with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: the unified and integrated cyber protection solution that proactively, actively and reactively defends end-customer data, applications and systems.

To support the expansion of this vision and the cyber protection approach around the world, Pulvermueller detailed Acronis’ strategy for the year ahead. Key pillars of this strategy include delivering best-in-class localization, outstanding TCO and a tailored experience for partners. Above and beyond these points, however, the cyber protection leader continually invests in its infrastructure and support and enablement resources.

“We’ve invested significantly over the last year building out our data center footprint,” explained Pulvermueller. “Why are we doing it? Because we want to be as close to your end-customers as possible so that not only is everything in your local language, the data also resides in your local region.” Today Acronis has more than 41 data centers with more than 14 coming online in the last 12 months.

Additionally, Acronis is investing in the success of partners with resources including the Acronis partner portal, partner program and support and Acronis Academy training and certification courses.

INTERPOL insights into cybercrime trends

In our first guest keynote, INTERPOL Cybercrime Director, Craig Jones took to the stage to discuss the current state of cybercrime in the Asia-Pacific region and those cybercriminals are most actively targeting. “For non-state cybercriminals the motivation behind attacks is almost always financial. They aren’t too concerned about the target, who they’re impacting or which communities are affected. They exploit systems,” explained Jones. Advising the audience how to better defend against these threats, Jones emphasized the importance of infrastructure security improvements on all fronts: people, process and technology.

More than this, however, Jones highlighted the role law enforcement data sharing plays in stopping cybercrime. On a global-scale, however, this remains a challenge. “The geopolitical landscape impacts the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement to be able to take coordinated actions to prevent, detect, investigate and disrupt cyberthreat actors.” Comparing the role of INTERPOL to that of service providers, Jones noted that both were in the business of protecting communities from harm – and that collaboration and coordination between the two could help to achieve greater security for all.

Women in Business and Technology

Day two of the Acronis #CyberFit Summit in Singapore included our always-popular and always-inspiring Women in Business and Tech panel. This Summit’s panel featured

·       Aliona Geckler (Chief of Staff, Acronis)

·       Shamane Tan (Chief Growth Officer, Sekuro; Cyber Risk Meetup Founder; Author and TEDx speaker)

·       Anna Severinko (VP of Engineering, Virtuozzo)

·       Claire Jedrek (Racecar driver; Motorsports and eSports presenter; Co-Founder of TFD)

All of these trailblazing women shared their experiences overcoming challenges to achieve success in historically male-dominated fields. Focusing on the importance of strong support systems and mentorship, the panelists shined a light on the pathes that led them to their leadership roles today – and how those same lessons and experiences will help to create greater opportunities for the next women to join and rise within the world of IT.

What’s next for the Acronis #CyberFit Summit World Tour

On-demand access to all of the sessions at this year’s Acronis #CyberFit Summit Singapore are now available here. Make sure you revisit the events above and the rest of the content shared throughout the summit and invite your colleagues to join as well. While the Acronis #CyberFit Summit World Tour 2021 may be over, we’re already looking ahead to next year’s biggest cyber protection event! Keep an eye out for news on the Acronis #CyberFit Summit 2022 coming soon!

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