26 March 2024
Case Studies

JVS Net boosts client growth by 60% with Acronis Advanced Security + EDR

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Licensing issues with the previous antivirus vendor.
Time-consuming maintenance that required on-site attention.
Resource intensive, manual patch management.
Reliable security and EDR vendor for MSPs.
User-friendly console that improves efficiency.
Rapid patching in minutes.
Cost-efficient, comprehensive endpoint security.
500–700 protected users and endpoints.
Client growth soared by 60%.
Time to apply patches decreased from two days to two minutes.
Two internal technicians manage over 500 clients.

After Norton licensing trouble, a Macedonia-based service provider sought a new cybersecurity vendor. Now with Acronis, JVS Net has doubled their number of protected endpoints — without needing additional staff.


JVS Net is a Macedonia-based managed service provider (MSP) that has delivered IT services to businesses for over 20 years. These services include ongoing computer system maintenance; design, development and upkeep of computer networks; system integration; cybersecurity; and data protection. With over 380 products, the company remains competitive in both Macedonian and worldwide markets. JVS Net has extensive experience collaborating with a range of industry vendors and has been partnering with IT solutions vendors since 2004. 


Despite using Bullguard for several years, JVS Net was not prepared for the licensing headaches that followed the Bullguard–Norton shake up. In 2021, Avira (part of Norton LifeLock) acquired Bullguard and customers were left high and dry with a lack of resources, personable client support and guidance on migrating their Bullguard console to Norton. Vladimir Georieski, CEO of JVS Net, recalled increased difficulties with the Bullguard console as a result of the acquisition. As JVS Net’s client base expanded, Norton’s solution made it nearly impossible to update, manage and scan the company’s then 50 users at the time and the JVS Net team faced mounting complexity. Soon after, Georieski received an unnerving message from a Norton representative — JVS Net’s license had been abruptly canceled.  

With the news, Norton no longer offered group licenses to Macedonia and left JVS Net with an ultimatum: Purchase an individual license or find an alternative solution that would support JVS Net.   The service provider could not afford any major setbacks as growth continued to scale.  

JVS Net required a cybersecurity solution to protect their clients’ endpoints against advanced cyberthreats. They needed reliable, robust protection to safeguard their clients’ business continuity and ensure the trajectory of JVS Net’s growth remained uninterrupted. JVS Net also managed various siloed security tools that made monitoring endpoints time consuming and complicated. The company was looking to consolidate their security stack. 

Additionally, with the previous solution, Georieski and the JVS Net team needed to make regular on-site visits to help maintain client workstations and servers. These in-person visits became taxing on JVS Net’s technicians who performed manual patching on endpoints one at a time. And JVS Net could not afford to hire additional IT talent. With all the time-consuming issues that ensued, JVS Net determined their business needed a new solution with an MSP-focused vendor that would not let their business down. 


JVS Net required an integrated solution that would improve efficiency, enable them to scale their business and deliver reliable protection to clients. It was imperative that the vendor was reputable, provided top-tier support and was cost efficient. After JVS Net’s relationship with Norton quickly soured, the company recognized that building a strong partner-vendor relationship was a key criterion of the new vendor and solution. 

In search of a new antivirus and security solution, the JVS Net team made calls to both small and large vendors. To his surprise, Georieski shared that the licensing quotes from boutique vendors were incredibly expensive. Despite these small vendors lacking industry recognition and offering an untested, unproven solution, prices were high and JVS Net could not afford to take any financial or security risks. 

After making several calls, a JVS Net team member found Acronis. Georieski raved about his team’s first call with the Acronis team. “My colleague contacted an Acronis representative, and he provided his email address. I spoke with him to explain what we needed, what we do and how we operate. In only one or two days, we made a deal and started our relationship with Acronis. It was a great solution for us in that moment because Norton completely let us down,” said Georieski. In the initial call, the JVS Net team was thrilled with the personable support and guidance they received that was starkly different from the poor support experience with the previous vendor. Together, JVS Net and Georieski determined that Acronis was the best-fit cybersecurity solution for the MSP business’ needs. 

The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution natively integrates cybersecurity, data security and endpoint management to deliver comprehensive cyber protection powered by AI. It is designed to reduce the time and cost required to identify, prevent, detect, respond, remediate and recover from advanced threats and reduce downtime. Within Acronis, JVS Net added Advanced Security + EDR that not only equipped them with comprehensive security that included anti-malware, but also powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR). Acronis EDR empowered JVS Net technicians of all skill levels to actively detect, respond to and remediate advanced cyberthreats that circumvent traditional security measures. This enhanced security ensures business resilience and continuity to JVS Net’s clients. 

In addition to Advanced Security + EDR, JVS Net tacked on Advanced Management to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Since using Advanced Management, JVS Net no longer needs to make on-site visits to manually patch client endpoints. Acronis’ automated patch management empowered the team to deliver full patching support to over 500 clients within minutes. Previously, JVS Net needed days to perform patching that required a member of the team to travel on-site to clients and the process was labor intensive. Georieski reported that the most impactful benefits of Acronis were improved efficiency, improved resource allocation and a significant amount of time saved.  

"Now with Acronis, from the same place, the same company and at the same time, we can apply patches with one click to all online computers. That is completely different! I need two to five minutes to perform full patching support and before, I needed two days."
Vladimir Georieski, CEO, JVS Net

The result

Acronis Advanced Security + EDR made it easy for JVS Net technicians to swiftly detect, identify and remediate zero days and other cyberthreats — regardless of skill set. According to Georieski, “With EDR, it is so simple. For example, with zero days, it is not necessary for someone to know what is bad. You can see what is going on in the console. We just open EDR and follow the root of what happened, and after that we can decipher if an event is legitimate or not and make sound decisions on our end.” JVS Net technicians no longer waste time investigating illegitimate incidents. 

This immense ease of use eliminated the need to hire additional staff, particularly an IT professional with specialization in EDR. Georieski was proud to share that Advanced Security + EDR has empowered the JVS Net team to manage, support and safeguard over 500 clients — while only needing two team members.  

"We have EDR, security, monitoring and access in one place. This is especially helpful for monitoring hardware and patching. It is very efficient and that is extremely important to us. Imagine applying patches to 500 endpoints in one day — there is no other way; only with Acronis can we achieve this."
Vladimir Georieski, CEO, JVS Net

Because all the information that JVS Net technicians need can be found in one place, this centralized console enabled the team to protect more endpoints and clients with greater efficiency. Nearly all of JVS Net’s tickets can be solved remotely and directly from the Acronis console. By consolidating their technology stack with integrated cyber protection that includes EDR, Georieski was delighted to report that the company's client base skyrocketed by 60 percent and doubled the number of protected endpoints with Acronis. JVS Net enjoys Acronis so much that it is their default solution across all their clients.  

About Acronis 

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