21 September 2022

Launching and scaling DLP services: A guide for MSPs

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Launching and scaling DLP services: A guide for MSPs

For years, businesses of all sizes have not been able to tackle the risks of data leakage, despite increased awareness, security protocols, and regulations. In fact, they’re actually on the rise: According to the 2021 Year End Report: Data Breach QuickView by Risk Based Security, more than 22 billion records were exposed, making it the second highest year for the amount of confidential data compromised since 2005.

The overwhelming majority of these records were exposed due to data leakage. A data leak is defined a breach of security in which confidential, sensitive or protected data is accidentally or deliberately released to an untrusted environment or unauthorized users either outside or inside the organization.

Service providers can use this guide to get started with data loss prevention (DLP) and streamline their efforts to expand their portfolio with DLP services.

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