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Subscription vs. Perpetual Licensing

Not sure whether you should subscribe to Acronis True Image or just buy a one-time license? What you’re looking for will determine which choice is right for you.

Do you want the most current solution and protections?

Data is protected, but an upgrade is required for new features and enhancements


Data is always protected by the most recent version and all the latest advances

Are you looking for a local solution or complete protection for your data?

Local backups only (external hard drive, network drive, NAS, etc.)


Local and cloud backups for convenient, off-site copies that provide better data protection

How important is it to access to your data where and when you want?

Backed up data is only available locally – no remote access


Access any file from cloud backup from anywhere on any device

Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you want help?

Email and online chat support – a good option for the tech savvy who like solving their own puzzles


Email and online chat are joined by phone support for those who want answers fast

Do you prefer control or convenience?

You control when you upgrade: but that means tracking enhancements, features, compatibility issues, etc. to know when it is time to renew


You’re upgraded continuously and charged annually – so there’s no need to track upgrades since everything happens automatically

Reduce the Clutter

Nearly 60% of those recently surveyed by The Harris Poll said they wished they owned less stuff. Subscriptions free them from the burdens of ownership, like maintenance, depreciation and clutter.

Ride sharing avoids the expense and upkeep of a car. Streaming eliminates the storage CDs and DVDs. A subscription to Acronis True Image delivers similar benefits, while ensuring your protection is always up-to-date.

Get More with Subscription Licensing

Don’t Subscriptions Cost More?

There’s a misconception that subscriptions cost more over time ... but that’s not necessarily the case.

Real benefits

A subscription provides the latest protections, cloud storage, more features and greater levels of support – all at one predictable cost.

Missing out

With a perpetual license, you must upgrade for new protections and pay a separate service for online storage – increasing your costs.

Save more

As a result, a subscription can actually reduce the amount you pay over time in some cases – and always delivers more capabilities.