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Your digital life – protected

Fast and reliable recovery

Across the globe, Acronis True Image is known for creating consistent, reliable backups that make recoveries a breeze – whether you need to retrieve a single file or restore your entire system. Why not protect your family’s photos, videos, and documents with the same technology that our business customers trust with their critical data?

  • 93%
    of malware comes from email
  • 1 of 49
    motherboards failed last year
  • 25%
    of data loss is from human error

Protect your entire system

Ensuring the safety of all the data on your computer has never been easier.

  • Full image backup

    Restore all your data, applications and settings consistently and reliably
  • Active disk cloning

    Make an exact replica of your Windows or Mac system while it's in use
  • Backup replication

    Automatically replicate your local full image backup in the cloud

Control your recovery

Our powerful tools and technology get your system running where you want it.


    Boot media builder

    Easily create the boot media needed to recover your system to the same or new hardware

    Tailored recovery tools

    Take control and recover the data you want: from the entire system to individual files

    Acronis Survival Kit

    Simply plug in this all-in-one recovery tool for boot media and all your backups

Work in any environment

Multiple devices requires backup software that’s reliable on any platform.

  • Platform flexibility

    Protect the data you keep in the environment you prefer, whether it’s virtual, physical, mobile or cloud-based
  • Cloud Restores

    Recover directly from your online backup with enhanced technologies that delivers fast and reliable cloud restores.

Product Reviews

  • Every performance test was led by Acronis, which is on average twice as fast, in some cases being 10 times as fast as the competition.

Reliable, secure cloud backup

Acronis runs a global network of reliable cloud data centers that are designed to meet the highest standards for safety, security, privacy, and availability.

  • State-of-the-art
    Acronis Cloud Storage uses a unique technology that is more reliable than traditional RAID enclosures.
  • Constant availability
    Our data centers feature redundant power supply, networking and HVAC systems to ensure availability.
  • AES-256 encryption
    Your data is protected by enterprise-grade encryption in transit or in storage, with a password only you know
  • Data center selection
    Whether it’s for connection speed or legal compliance, you can choose your data center location.

Get Acronis True Image 2021

Works on multiple platforms


  • Windows 10 (all editions, including October 2020) 
  • Windows 8.1 (all editions)
  • Windows 8 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
  • Windows Home Server 2011
  • macOS Big Sur 11.0
  • macOS Catalina 10.15
  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11
Windows File systems
  • NTFS
  • Ext2/Ext3/Ext4
  • ReiserFS(3)  
  • Linux SWAP  
  • HFS+/HFSX  
  • FAT16/32/exFAT  
MacOS File system
  • APFS
  • HFS+
  • Core Storage
  • FAT32
  • NTFS (including Boot Camp)
  • iOS 10.3 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later