The Cloud Could Mitigate Data Protection Complexity in the Connected Future

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Before connected devices and the emerging Internet of Things, companies produced and stored the majority of data in the digital universe. But with a new generation of devices like Nest, Google Glass and Apple Watch, consumers are adding to the piles of data that needs to be backed up and stored.  

More than 212 billion "things" will be connected in 2020, predicts IDC, and as companies store data from users around the world, they will rely on multiple data ingestion points to keep data stream flowing. 

While IoT may seem to escalate the complexity of data storage and protection in the future, Joe Arnold, CEO of SwiftStack, says it's the contrary. "Storage, with the advent of cloud-based systems, is actually simpler than it used to be, and it doesn’t have to be complicated by the entrance of IoT technology," Arnold writes on Venture Beat. "Instead, as IoT companies embrace a cloud-based storage model, a new frontier of big data will emerge, and IoT and storage will continue to evolve together for years to come." 

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Mobile apps are vague about data protection: Many mobile apps have overly broad privacy policies, and while many users allow the apps to collect data, many users are left wondering how that data is being used. Whether app companies are collecting GPS location or sending push notifications, data protection and security experts are scrutinizing their practices. (via InfoWorld)

A push for more data usage transparency: When Google bought Nest, the smart thermostat company said it would not share personal data with Google, yet six months later it changed course. Company acquisitions are one way that data protection becomes porous, and as data privacy takes front stage, companies are increasingly transparent with customers. (via Financial Times)

Acronis acquisitions expand its cloud offering: Acronis recently acquired BackupAgent and nScaled to offer cloud backup and recovery for users' entire systems. (via Forbes)

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