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Just like millions of other people, my wife uses her mobile phone for almost everything – to keep track of important activities, search for babysitters, look up tutors for our daughters, order food, mobile banking, paying bills and much more. Mobile phones are great – they save a lot of time. But most of us store data on our phones without even considering what might happen if they’re lost. Just pause for a moment and think: does your phone have the only copy of your photos, contacts, and other important info? Will you be able to recover it if you lose your phone? We’ve learnt our lesson a difficult way.

A few months ago my wife and I took some time off work and took our family on a vacation to Tel-Aviv. Beautiful weather, amazing food, warm Mediterranean Sea – we had a great time! But this all ended  when my wife accidently dropped her iPhone in the salty water whilst taking pictures of our daughter splashing by the beach. We immediately picked up the phone and desperately tried to dry it, but things deteriorated quickly. The phone completely died because of extensive water damage to the device.

We had no choice but to buy a new phone. But then, the pain of rebuilding the contents began. The price of a new iPhone was almost nothing compared to the hard-to-estimate value of the data we lost. The biggest loss was our contacts, which were collected over the last three years. Surely, it’s not difficult to find a new tutor in Moscow, but nothing can replace the established relationships and trust that our daughter developed with her previous tutors. We got it sorted eventually, one by one, but time was lost, and time is the most valuable resource that we have.

If we had Acronis True Image on this iPhone, it would have saved us days of pain. It only takes a few seconds to install the Acronis True Image app and configure it to send data to your home computer or to the cloud. And with the latest update, once installed, there is nothing else to do. It will sense new data and backup the mobile phone automatically to a secure storage location. If we had back in Tel-Aviv, it would have taken us only a few minutes to restore the contents of the phone.

Now, my wife has a new phone. Fortunately, the new model is water-resistant. But we made sure it’s data-loss-resistant too. We installed the Acronis True Image app right away. Now we feel safe and secure, confident our trusted contacts will not be lost.

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Nick Grebennikov
Chief Development Officer
Nick Grebennikov is a well-known information technology leader with extensive practical experience in both operational and strategic management.

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