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Apple promises lots of new features in its latest release of OS X El Capitan, including improved enhancements for Spotlight searches, new editing tools and the ability to manage multiple email threads. Just check out the quote included in Apple’s press release, reminding us that El Capitan is here:

“People love using their Macs, and one of the biggest reasons is the power and ease-of-use of OS X,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “El Capitan refines the Mac experience and improves performance in a lot of little ways that make a very big difference."

There’s no doubt that Apple’s latest OS X release will make faithful Mac users happy everywhere. However, as with previous Apple OS X releases, we all know that upgrades don’t always go smoothly. This is especially true if you are working in a mixed environment of Windows and Macs, and you are sharing files and collaborating on work with Windows users. In this case, the “Mac experience” may not be as refined as Apple and its users would like.

One of the most frustrating experiences that can effect Mac users is the simple task of working on and sharing documents in Microsoft Windows environments. Mac OS X has always supported two network sharing protocols: AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), which is Apple’s native file sharing protocol for Macs, and SMB (Server Messaging Block), which is the native file sharing protocol for Windows and is typically used for NAS storage.

With each OS X update, Apple tries to improve SMB compatibility for Macs. But, even with the SMB3 support in the new El Capitan release, Mac users and administrators will continue to experience and report frustrating problems, especially with key workplace applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

For useful tips on how to ensure a smooth Mac experience in the workplace – including for users of the new El Capitan OS X – watch this video on how to seamlessly integrate Macs into a Windows environment – it features Acronis Access Connect, which has been ‘refining’ the Mac experience in Windows environments for years! You can even try it now yourself by downloading a 21-day free trial here.

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