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To help organizations better understand the challenges of backup, disaster recovery and secure access, Acronis has created the "8 Noble Truths" of data protection. To view all 8 Noble Truths, please download the whitepaper. This is the seventh post in an eight-part series to help you protect your data:

IT departments are contending with several seismic shifts, including the rapid adoption of mobile, cloud and virtualization technologies in the workplace. But the consumerization trend, perhaps more than any other, highlights the desire among employees to use simple and flexible tools to do their work.

Employees, of course, aren’t alone in their desire for easy-to-use technologies. IT professionals also want tools that are not complicated and simple to use. Here are a few approaches to consider: 

Modern Approach to Data Protection

Traditional data protection solutions forced IT pros to choose between affordable but incomplete point products, and feature-rich but expensive (and unnecessarily complex) platforms. Fortunately, that’s no longer a choice IT professionals have to make. New generation technologies that address the complexities of modern data give IT the best of both worlds: standalone products that seamlessly blend together into a simple, complete and secure solution.

Consider IT administrators who are responsible for their company’s Microsoft Exchange server. They need a solution that is tailored for Exchange and that provides a range of recovery options, whether a single email, one user’s mailbox or the entire corporate server. Or consider system administrators who are responsible for the company’s virtual environment. They want a solution that is optimized for the specific hypervisors in use, whether it's vSphere (VMware), Hyper-V (Microsoft), XenServer (Citrix), KVM (Linux) or others. They also need a data protection software that will back up both virtual machines and the physical server where those hypervisors reside.

Comprehensive Protection, Now and in the Future

New generation data protection solutions allow companies to buy only what’s needed now, while giving them the flexibility to evolve with their future needs. With new generation data protection solutions, you no longer have to make a large investment in a complex platform upfront. Now you can start with a product that is optimized for the workload you care about, and easily expand as your needs grow. New generation data protection solutions also allow IT pros to manage growing environments with a unified management console to address all of their data needs. No matter how large or complex the IT environment becomes, the data protection strategy should remain simple and comprehensive.

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