Disk Director

Optimize your hard drives and supercharge your machine’s performance

Discover a better way to boost your system’s performance

Acronis Disk Director delivers a set of powerful tools that work together to optimize your disk usage and protect your data. Store different file systems or operating systems on one disk by creating and managing disk partitions. Improve drive performance to enhance your overall PC experience.

  • Acronis

    Disk cloning

    Easily migrate your data, operating system and applications from an old disk to a new replacement disk.
  • Acronis

    Volume recovery

    Quickly recover lost or deleted data partitions, even in cases when your operating system fails to boot.
  • Acronis

    Partition management

    Safely create, customize, and organize partitions and your hard drive’s structure without losing data.

Take control of your data, drives and system

  • Manipulate


    Manage your data, whether you are splitting, resizing, converting or merging volumes. Create, convert and copy files and volumes as needed.
  • Recover


    Recover volumes that were accidentally deleted, damaged by hardware failure, or affected by a malware attack – all through a single, easy-to-use solution.
  • Clone


    Migrate everything on one disk – from the OS to apps to system preferences – to a replacement disk in mere minutes. Cloning an exact replica avoids headaches, mistakes and lost hours.
  • Partition


    Create partitions more quickly and easily. One easy step formats, labels and activates partitions, reducing the time spent and the risk of errors.

Manage and maintain the latest equipment

  • Extended hardware support

    Extended hardware support

    The current version of Acronis Disk Director features support for 4k native hard disks, as well as an updated Linux kernel version in its bootable media, to provide greater support of most modern hardware.

    It also supports Windows ADK versions for WinPE media, including ADK 1703, 1803, and 1809.

Comprehensive control that’s easy to manage

  • Format


    Complete complex operations easily and efficiently through an intuitive user interface. Format your drive with the correct file system, whether FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, Reiser3, Linux, SWAP.
  • Install


    Boost your processing power by splitting an existing volume into two and installing an operating system on the second one to create another processing volume.
  • Convert


    Adapt your system to meet new and changing requirements in mere moments. Converting disks from basic to dynamic, or vice versa, is fast and easy.
  • Span


    Maximize the use of your disk space by creating a single, logical volume from the unallocated space across multiple physical disks. Supports up to 32 disks.
  • Access


    Benefit from the direct byte access and editing capabilities of the Acronis Disk Editor when modifying your disk.
  • Boot


    Create bootable media so you can launch your system from a CD/DVD or USB drive, even when the disk has no OS installed. Includes support for the Windows 10 Preinstallation Environment.
  • Manage


    Browse detailed information about all hard disks, partitions and files systems, hide or make visible any partition type, and preview changes before applying them.
  • Optimize


    Get the most out of your system by examining and automatically optimizing the use of hard disk space.

Disk Director

Optimize your hard drives and supercharge your machine’s performance

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Support for comprehensive cyber protection

In addition to the helping to recover lost data, Acronis Disk Director is 100% compatible with Acronis True Image 2021 – the first true personal cyber protection solution that integrates data protection with advanced cybersecurity capabilities. You can operate both products on the same machine, using the same Linux-based bootable media, to back up and protect the disk volumes that you create and manage.
Acronis Disk Director
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System requirements

Operating systems

  • Windows 10 – Home, Pro, Education, Enterprise, and IoT Enterprise editions
  • Windows 8/8.1 – all editions (x86, x64), except for the Windows RT editions
  • Windows 7 – all editions
  • Windows Vista – all editions
  • Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86, x64)

Recommended hardware requirements

  • Computer processor: 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • System memory: 512 MB or more
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher
  • CD / DVD recording drive, or a flash drive for bootable media creation

Minimum hardware requirements

  • Boot firmware: Bios-based, UEFI-based
  • Computer processor: modern processor, 800 MHz or faster
  • System memory: 256 MB
  • Screen resolution: 800x600 pixels
  • Installation disk space: 150 MB
  • Other: Mouse

Supported file systems

  • FAT16, FAT32, NTFS
  • Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS3, Linux SWAP

Looking for help?

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the licensing policy?

    If you have one PC running one OS (which is usually the case), you need one license of Acronis Disk Director Home.
    If you have a multi-boot machine with more than one OS, you will need one license of Acronis Disk Director Home for each of the operating systems where you are going to use the product.
    Example: You have a dual-boot machine with Windows XP and Windows 7. You need one license of Acronis Disk Director Home to use with Windows XP and another, separate license to use the product with Windows 7.
    If you create Acronis Bootable Media, you can only use it on one machine. If you are going to use it on more than one machine, you will need a separate license for each computer.

    Product help

    In case you have any difficulties, product materials can be found in our Knowledge Base.Be sure to check out our other documentation. You can also post questions on our discussion boards.

    Technical support

    Free, 24-hour technical support is available. Refer to the Technical Support Site to see all support options.


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