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Acronis Cyber Protect
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Centralized cyber protection solution to streamline your endpoint protection, backup and disaster recovery, and management through integration and automation.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Integrated cyber protection platform unifying cybersecurity, backup & recovery, and management to reduce complexity, streamline your services and cut costs. All in one solution for MSPs.

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Google Workspace backup solution

  • Efficient cloud-to-cloud backup
    Efficient cloud-to-cloud backup
    Acronis provides a cloud-to-cloud, agentless solution, requiring no additional hardware or software installations and has zero effect on the performance of endpoints.
  • Reliable point-in-time recovery
    Reliable point-in-time recovery
    Acronis allows reliable point-in-time recovery of single items and entire Drive or Gmail data, providing protection against accidental deletion, malicious actions, and malware.
  • Unlimited cloud storage
    Unlimited cloud storage
    Boost sales and control costs with Acronis thanks to our Google Workspace backup licensing, which includes unlimited cloud storage, including Google Team Drive.
  • Quick recovery and full-text search
    Quick recovery and full-text search
    With Acronis, users can rapidly recover needed items using full-text search of Google Workspace backups, minimizing downtime.
  • Complete protection
    Complete protection
    Acronis protects all Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar, and Contacts.
  • Complete, blockchain-verified protection
    Complete, blockchain-verified protection
    Acronis protects all Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar and Contacts. Blockchain technology verifies the authenticity of files in backups, ensuring data integrity.
  • Automatic protection of new users and items
    Automatic protection of new users and items
    Acronis detects new Google Workspace users and Team Drives automatically and applies backup plans to all, safeguarding newly added data.
  • Backup health monitoring and reporting
    Backup health monitoring and reporting
    Acronis provides detailed reports, notifications, and critical alerts on the health of backup operations, enabling proactive management of backup infrastructure.
  • Isolated recovery points
    Isolated recovery points
    Acronis offers point-in-time recovery, allowing users to isolate file versions via recovery points for restoring from previous backups.
  • Flexible restore options
    Flexible restore options
    Acronis provides flexible restore options, allowing the recovery of single-user items or a user's entire Drive or Gmail data based on need.
  • End-to-end encryption
    End-to-end encryption
    Acronis ensures data security with all traffic encrypted in transit using the Transport Layer Security protocol, and AES-256 used to encrypt data at rest.
  • Easy setup and storage flexibility
    Easy setup and storage flexibility
    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud simplifies setup and backup configuration with a cloud-to-cloud approach. It offers unmatched cloud storage options, including Google, Microsoft and Acronis.


Acronis Cyber Protect
For businesses

Centralized cyber protection solution to streamline your endpoint protection, backup and disaster recovery, and management through integration and automation.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
For service providers

Integrated cyber protection platform unifying cybersecurity, data protection and management to reduce complexity, streamline your services and cut costs.

What our customers say 4.8

  • Awesome solution with advanced features

    Cyber protection of backups. The best-recommended solution for any business that needs to protect its backups from any cyber attacks and a pack with complete backup security.

    Akbar Q
    Infrastructure engineer
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  • Incredibly easy to use

    The software is incredibly easy to use. We use this to backup all of our customer's servers and cloud services. Restoring is very easy.

    James H.
    Verified Acronis user
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  • Acronis Cyber Protect is a pleasure

    It is really cleverly designed, integrates very easily, and the rollout to machines is a pleasure. Single pane of glass view across all sites where you have it rolled out.

    Martin V.
    Senior Engineer
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CRN Security 100 List
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AV-TEST participant and test winner
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ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Google Workspace have a backup?

    Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. While Google Workspace is renowned for its robust infrastructure and high availability, it's important to note that its primary function is not to serve as a backup solution. In fact, Google Workspace itself does not provide a traditional backup service for your data.

    Google Workspace does have certain built-in redundancy and recovery features designed to protect your data, but these are not full-fledged backup solutions. They are primarily aimed at ensuring service availability and protecting against data loss on Google's end due to infrastructure failures or similar issues. For instance, Google Workspace leverages data replication to store copies of data in multiple locations. If data is lost or corrupted in one location, Google can recover it from another.

    However, these features may not protect against many common data loss scenarios that businesses face. For instance, Google Workspace's native abilities may not be sufficient to recover data lost due to accidental deletion, user errors, malicious actions by insiders, or malware attacks, including ransomware. In many of these cases, once the data is deleted and the trash is emptied, the data might be gone for good.

    Moreover, while Google Workspace retains some data for a certain period (like 30 days for Google Drive), it's not designed for long-term data retention. If you need to keep data for longer periods for compliance or business reasons, relying on Google Workspace's native features might not be enough.

    Hence, while Google Workspace has some redundancy and recovery features, they should not be considered as a complete backup solution. It's still the user's responsibility to protect their data. That's where third-party backup solutions, like Acronis, come into play.

    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, for example, offers a comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup solution specifically designed for Google Workspace. It provides point-in-time recovery, flexible restore options, scheduled and on-demand backups, automatic protection of new users and Drives, and several other features that ensure comprehensive protection for your Google Workspace data. It also offers blockchain-based notarization to verify the authenticity of files and end-to-end encryption for enhanced data security.

    In conclusion, while Google Workspace does have certain features to ensure data availability and resilience, it does not provide a complete backup solution. To safeguard against data loss scenarios, businesses using Google Workspace should consider utilizing a dedicated third-party backup solution.
  • How do I backup my G Suite?

    Backing up your G Suite, now known as Google Workspace, is crucial to protect against data loss due to accidental deletions, malicious actions, or unforeseen disasters. While Google Workspace offers some data protection measures, they aren't sufficient to act as a comprehensive backup solution. For that, you will need a third-party backup service.

    One of the top third-party backup solutions for Google Workspace is Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. This service offers a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that effectively protects your Google Workspace data, requiring no additional installations and providing easy setup. Here's how you would use Acronis to back up your Google Workspace data:

    1. Sign up and set up: First, you will need to sign up for the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud service. During the setup process, you will be asked to connect your Google Workspace account to Acronis. This step usually involves entering your Google Workspace admin credentials and granting Acronis the necessary permissions to access your data.

    2. Configure backup settings: Once your Google Workspace account is connected, you can configure your backup settings. This includes deciding what data to back up (such as Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Contacts), how frequently the backups should occur, and where the backed-up data should be stored.

    3. Start backup: After configuring the settings, you can initiate the backup process. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud will then start backing up your Google Workspace data based on the settings you've configured. The initial backup might take a while, depending on the amount of data to be backed up.

    4. Monitor and manage backups: Once your backups are running, you can monitor them through the Acronis dashboard. You can view backup statuses, recover data, configure alerts, and perform other backup management tasks from here.

    5. Restore data: In case of data loss, you can use Acronis to restore your data. You can choose to restore specific items or entire data sets, depending on your needs.

    Remember, while Google Workspace provides some native data protection features, they aren't a substitute for a dedicated backup solution. Using a service like Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud ensures your Google Workspace data is comprehensively protected and can be easily recovered when needed. This way, you ensure business continuity, even in the face of unexpected data loss scenarios.
  • What is the best backup for Google Workspace?

    Choosing the best backup solution for Google Workspace depends on the specific needs of your organization, such as your data volume, security requirements, budget, and more. However, one of the most highly rated and widely-used solutions for backing up Google Workspace data is Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

    Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud offers a robust, comprehensive and efficient cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Google Workspace. Here are a few reasons why it is considered among the best:

    1. Comprehensive protection: Acronis offers protection for all key Google Workspace services, including Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar, and Contacts. This means all your critical business data across different services is protected.

    2. Point-in-time recovery: Acronis provides reliable point-in-time recovery of single items and entire Drive or Gmail data. This allows for flexible and granular recovery, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations during data loss events.

    3. Cloud-to-cloud backup: With Acronis, the backup process is entirely cloud-based, which means there's no need for any additional on-site hardware or software installations. This simplifies the backup process and reduces the associated costs.

    4. Security and compliance: Acronis uses end-to-end encryption to secure your data during transit and at rest. It also supports compliance with major regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, providing audit trails and detailed logs.

    5. Flexible storage options: Acronis offers multiple storage options, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Acronis Cyber Cloud. This flexibility lets you choose the storage solution that best fits your business needs.

    6. Automatic protection: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud automatically detects new Google Workspace users and Team Drives, and applies backup plans to them. This ensures that all your data is protected, even newly added data.

    7. Blockchain-based verification: Acronis leverages blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of files in Drive backups, ensuring the integrity of your data.
  • Why should you use a third-party backup solution for Google Workspace?

    Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, offers a robust platform for productivity and collaboration with its suite of tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and more. However, while Google ensures the availability and infrastructure of its services, the responsibility to protect data within these services remains with the user. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider using a third-party backup solution for Google Workspace:

    1. Protect against data loss: Google's built-in recovery features are primarily designed to protect against service disruptions and infrastructure failures, not against data loss caused by accidental deletion, malicious activity, or malware. A third-party backup solution offers comprehensive protection against these risks, ensuring you can always recover your data if needed.

    2. Point-in-time recovery: Google Workspace's native recovery features may not provide point-in-time recovery, which is crucial for reverting to a specific state before a data loss event occurred. Third-party backup solutions usually provide point-in-time recovery, allowing you to restore your data to a specific moment in time.

    3. Long-term data retention: Google Workspace's data retention policies may not align with your business's data retention requirements, particularly for compliance purposes. A third-party backup solution lets you set custom retention policies, allowing you to retain data for as long as necessary.

    4. Ease of recovery: Third-party backup solutions often provide a user-friendly interface and tools that simplify the process of recovering lost data. This can be particularly valuable in stressful data loss situations, enabling quick and efficient data recovery.

    5. Improved security: Third-party backup solutions typically offer enhanced security features, such as end-to-end encryption, to ensure your backup data is secure from cyber threats. They may also offer additional security features like ransomware protection or anomaly detection.

    6. Increased control and flexibility: A third-party backup solution provides greater control and flexibility over your data. It allows you to decide what to back up, when to back it up, and where to store the backups.

    In conclusion, while Google Workspace offers various built-in protection features, they are not sufficient as a comprehensive data backup solution. To ensure your business's data is truly safe and recoverable in the event of a loss, you should consider using a third-party backup solution tailored for Google Workspace, such as Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.
  • Why should you backup your Google Workspace data in the first place?

    Backing up your Google Workspace data is vital for various reasons, many of which tie back to the principle of data protection and business continuity. Here are the primary reasons why you should backup your Google Workspace data:

    1. Protection against data loss: Accidental deletion of files, emails, or other important data is quite common. Backing up your Google Workspace data ensures you can recover lost information swiftly and minimize the impact on your business operations.

    2. Security against cyberthreats: Cyberthreats such as ransomware and phishing attacks can lead to severe data loss. A reliable backup allows you to restore your data to a point before the attack, mitigating the damage done by such threats.

    3. Retention policy gaps and user error: Google Workspace has specific retention policies and, after a certain period, deleted data is unrecoverable. A third-party backup solution allows for extended, customizable retention periods, ensuring data is always recoverable — even if it has been removed from Google's systems.

    4. Business continuity: In the event of a major disaster, having a backup of your Google Workspace data allows you to maintain business operations, minimizing downtime and associated costs.

    5. Legal and compliance requirements: Depending on your industry, you may be required to retain certain data for a specified period. A backup solution can help meet these legal and compliance requirements, ensuring you have access to historical data when needed.

    6. User account management: In instances where employees leave the company, their Google Workspace accounts may be deactivated or deleted, potentially losing crucial data. A backup ensures that data from these accounts can be retained and accessed when necessary.

    7. Google’s responsibility limitation: While Google provides robust infrastructure and high service availability, it is not responsible for protecting your data against accidental deletion, internal security threats, and other data-loss incidents.

    In conclusion, backing up Google Workspace data is a fundamental step in a comprehensive data protection strategy. It mitigates the risks associated with data loss, ensuring your business can quickly recover and maintain operations, even in the face of adverse events. Using a third-party backup solution like Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud provides a reliable, secure, and effective way to back up your Google Workspace data.
  • Can you recover your Google workspace data if disaster strikes?

    Yes, you can recover your Google Workspace data if disaster strikes, but the degree and effectiveness of recovery greatly depend on the measures you've put in place before the disaster occurs.

    Google Workspace does provide native tools for data recovery, but these are primarily designed for short-term retrieval and aren't comprehensive. For instance, Google Drive allows you to restore files from the Trash for up to 30 days after deletion, while Gmail offers a similar recovery window. If you've set up Google Vault, you might have access to more historical data, but it is not intended as a backup solution and may not cover all disaster scenarios.

    If you have a proper backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution in place, such as Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, you can more effectively recover from a disaster. A good backup solution continuously saves copies of your data at regular intervals and allows you to restore this data to a specific point in time, which is crucial for recovery from disasters like ransomware attacks.

    Such third-party solutions back up all crucial Google Workspace data including emails, documents, calendars, and contacts. In case of a disaster, you can perform a complete recovery of a user's account or selectively restore individual items as needed. Moreover, the backups themselves are stored securely, often with encryption, in separate locations to ensure they are not affected by the same disaster that might impact your primary data.

    So, while Google Workspace provides some recovery options, for full-scale disaster recovery, you should consider using a third-party backup and disaster recovery solution. It ensures data across all your Google Workspace services is thoroughly backed up and can be restored quickly and completely in the event of a disaster, significantly reducing downtime and data loss.
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