Enhance your business ransomware protection

Acronis is the solution your business needs to secure data and prevent enterprise ransomware attacks. With a full suite of powerful security measures, we have you covered. Strengthen your defenses with extra layers of protection and real-time threat intelligence. With Acronis by your side, you can stay one step ahead of ransomware attacks.

A unified approach to overcoming ransomware

Data has emerged as an invaluable resource sought after by cybercriminals worldwide. Malicious attacks put at risk not only customer and employee data but also trade secrets, ultimately threatening businesses' very existence.

To combat this, Acronis can detect and neutralize even previously unseen variants of ransomware, providing a powerful defense mechanism to safeguard your valuable data and ensure the continuity of your operations.

  • Prevention
    Protect your uptime and sensitive data with proactive strategy that defeats ransomware and other malware-based attacks, stops phishing and other malicious emails, and prevents data theft. In addition, encrypted files avert the loss of sensitive data. Acronis prevention capabilities include::
    • Antivirus and anti-malware
    • URL-filtering
    • Global threat monitoring
    • Continuous data protection
    • Patch Management
  • Detection
    Detect ransomware and cybersecurity risks before they pose a danger to the environment. Counter successful attacks with threat detection capabilities. For instance, endpoint detection identifies previously unseen threats, detecting and terminating ransomware quickly. Acronis identifies threats to uptime and data with:
    • Vulnerability assessments
    • Virus and malware scans in the Acronis Cloud
    • Hard drive health controls
    • Dashboards and reports
  • Response
    Quick action against cyberthreats is crucial to reducing risk. IT departments can use cloud analysis to identify the ransomware type, pinpoint initial points of access and detect data exfiltration. This speeds up response times while lowering the total cost. Accelerate response times with Acronis using:
    • Real-time alerts
    • Data compliance reporting and data protection map
    • Safe Recovery
    • Fail-safe patching
    • Malware quarantine
  • Recovery
    Restore data quickly and safely in case it gets compromised. Recovery assessment ensures the fast recovery of file systems. This allows businesses to recover from ransomware and restore file systems with strong security measures, including immutable backups. Leverage these powerful features:
    • Acronis Instant Restore
    • Acronis Universal Restore
    • Safe Recovery
  • Forensics
    Collecting information and performing detailed forensic investigations are essential to mitigating future risks. Acronis excels in incident forensics, employing a machine learning based approach to identify ransomware executables, detect initial compromises and conduct thorough network forensics. Acronis also offers:
    • Forensic backups
    • Audit support
Acronis DeviceLock DLP - Endpoint DLP

Ransomware impacts business in all industries

  • $80M
    size of a ransom demanded from the UK’s Royal Mail.
  • 300,000
    number of policyholders whose data was stolen from Bitmarck in Germany.
  • 3,500
    number of employees affected by an attack on CHSF, a hospital in Paris.
  • 1.6M
    number of unique PII records stolen from PharMerica in the USA.

Ransomware attacks: A rising corporate threat





In June 2023, the Lockbit ransomware gang disclosed it breached the data of Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental, one of the largest dental care and oral health insurance providers in the U.S. The incident affected nearly 9 million individuals, including patients, parents, guardians and guarantors. Acronis secures your business against cybersecurity risks.





    The Clop ransomware group claimed credit for data theft attacks on MOVEit Transfer, leveraging a zero-day vulnerability to breach hundreds of companies’ servers and exfiltrate sensitive data. Clop revealed it had initiated the exploit on May 27th, 2023, coinciding with US Memorial Day, when staffing levels are typically reduced. Anti-ransomware tools from Acronis can safeguard from such attacks.





      A cyberattack carried out by the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group targeted Constellation Software, a Canadian company with a revenue of USD 3.96 billion. The group claimed to have stolen over 1 TB of data from the company's network and demanded a ransom. They threatened to release the data if the company did not pay the ransom. Anti-malware features from Acronis block ransomware like BlackCat.





        The Royal ransomware gang claimed responsibility for an attack against telecommunications company Intrado. The group demanded $60 million in ransom and shared an over 50 MB archive with stolen files (including passports and other documents) as proof of breach. Made up of experienced threat actors, the gang threatened to publish it on their data leak site unless the ransom was paid. Acronis offers malware protection to prevent such attacks.





          Financial institution Globalcaja, located in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, with over 300 offices and revenues of USD 248.3 million, was recently targeted by the Play ransomware gang. The gang claims to have stolen private and confidential data and threatened to release it if the ransom was not paid. Acronis' anti-ransomware software can detect and block new and existing threats.

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            What our customers say

            • Everything was recovered and restored correctly

              We evaluated many other vendors and competitors’ products, but Acronis was the best. When it comes to business value and product capabilities, only Acronis could give us what our business needed.

              Asaf Hen.
            • Confident everything is backed up automatically

              The consolidation of services and applications down to a core few is important to us, as it helps increase operational efficiency while decreasing departmental spend.

              Doug Goodridge
            • Acronis high-quality endpoint protection tool

              It is the best recovery solution for larger enterprises. This software offers backup and provides the Al-based malware protection units. The best thing about Acronis is that it enhances productivity by decreasing the TCO rate. You will get one license, one management and one agent with Acronis software.

              Gracelynn B.
              Verified Acronis user

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            • What is Ransomware?
              Ransomware is malicious software designed to infiltrate and compromise a victim's endpoints and servers, encrypting critical files and preventing access to those systems until a ransom is paid. The consequences of a successful ransomware attack can be severe. It can result in losing sensitive and valuable data, financial damage from operational disruptions, reputational harm, regulatory penalties and potential legal implications.

              Acronis Cyber Protect offers robust protection against ransomware through its advanced security features, including real-time threat detection, AI-based behavioral analysis and proactive vulnerability assessments.

              With Acronis, you can ensure data integrity and prevent potential damage caused by ransomware attacks. Additionally, it provides secure backup and recovery capabilities, allowing you to restore your systems and files in case of a successful attack.
            • Can I recover from Ransomware?
              To effectively prevent ransomware attacks, it is crucial to implement a multi-layered security approach that encompasses various proactive measures. Relying on a single security solution is no longer sufficient, given the evolving and sophisticated nature of ransomware threats.

              Acronis Cyber Protect offers comprehensive protection measures. It combines AI-driven anti-malware, secure backup solutions, vulnerability assessments and patch management to identify and mitigate ransomware risks proactively.

              Moreover, Acronis safeguards your systems, detects suspicious activities and provides secure backups that allow you to restore data without paying a ransom. By leveraging Acronis Cyber Protect, you can secure your defenses and minimize the chances of falling victim to ransomware attacks.
            • Can ransomware steal data?
              Yes, ransomware can steal data in addition to encrypting files. Some advanced ransomware strains have data exfiltration capabilities, enabling cybercriminals to steal sensitive information before encrypting it.

              Acronis Cyber Protect not only prevents ransomware attacks but also provides comprehensive data protection. Its secure backup solutions create multiple copies of your data, which can be restored in the event of a ransomware attack, ensuring that your valuable information remains protected and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.
            • How should companies handle ransomware?
              Companies should proactively protect against ransomware by implementing a robust cybersecurity strategy. This includes using comprehensive security solutions like Acronis Cyber Protect, which offers real-time threat detection, continuous data backup and AI-based malware protection.

              Companies should also conduct regular employee training on recognizing and avoiding phishing attempts and suspicious attachments. In case of a ransomware incident, companies should follow incident response protocols, isolate infected systems, notify law enforcement and leverage Acronis Cyber Protect's recovery capabilities to restore operations swiftly and securely.
            • How to detect ransomware?
              Detecting ransomware requires a combination of advanced security measures. Acronis Cyber Protect employs AI-driven behavioral analysis, heuristic detection and signature-based scanning to identify ransomware threats in real time. It continuously monitors system activities, network traffic, and file behavior to detect any anomalies or malicious patterns commonly associated with ransomware attacks.

              By leveraging Acronis Cyber Protect's powerful detection capabilities, companies can quickly identify and respond to ransomware incidents, minimizing potential damage and ensuring data and system integrity.
            • Why is cyber insurance important for businesses?
              Cyber insurance has become a useful hedge for businesses against the financial and reputational damage caused by modern cyberthreats. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, organizations face significant risks such as data breaches, ransomware attacks and business interruption. Cyber insurance provides financial protection by covering expenses related to incident response, legal fees, data recovery and even potential extortion payments. It helps businesses recover from financial losses and manage the costs of incident investigation, notification and customer remediation.

              Moreover, cyber insurance offers coverage for third-party liability, safeguarding businesses from lawsuits arising from data breaches or privacy violations. By transferring the risk to an insurance provider, organizations can gain peace of mind, enhance their cyber risk management strategies and ensure business resilience in the face of cyberthreats.

              Acronis provides protection against a broad range of such cyber threats, making it easier for businesses to qualify for cyber insurance in the face of newly strict standards imposed by issuers.
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