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Acronis has PR representatives in 8 countries worldwide to respond to inquiries from the media and analysts. Please go to Media Contacts to find your local contact for immediate assistance.

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Acronis #CyberFit Weekend
Zandvoort, Netherlands
30 April 2020 - 03 May 2020
Acronis #CyberFit World Cup
London, UK
18-18 May 2020
Acronis #CyberFit Weekend
Montreal, Canada
11-14 June 2020
Formula E
Berlin, Germany
21-21 June 2020
Cyber Protection Conference
Sofia, Bulgaria
1-1 July 2020
Formula E
New York, USA
11-11 July 2020
Acronis #CyberFit Weekend
Silverstone, UK
16-19 July 2020
Formula E
London, UK
25-26 July 2020
Acronis #CyberFit Weekend
Monza, Italy
3-6 September 2020
Singapore F1 & Summit
16-20 September 2020
Acronis Global Cyber Summit
Miami, USA
19-21 October 2020
Acronis #CyberFit Weekend
Austin, USA
23-25 October 2020
Acronis #CyberFit Weekend
Abu Dhabi, UAE
26-29 November 2020

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