Why outsource your security operations to Acronis Managed Detection and Response?

Outsourced, rapid investigation and response, scalable across clients of varying requirements
  • Effortless provisioning
    Provision the MDR service with a single click on your end and let the outsourced SOC team handle the rest.
  • Continuous monitoring of client endpoints
    Get piece of mind with a world-class, outsourced SOC that monitors your client endpoints 24/7/365 to identify & analyze threats in real time.
  • Expedited investigation from security analysts
    Leverage outsourced expertise from security analysts who investigate each incident, prioritizing critical ones, using rich telemetry, threat intelligence, and deep forensic insights.
  • Event triage, prioritization, and rapid response
    Benefit from a world-class SOC operations that triage and prioritize security events with real-time alerting, detailed analysis, instantaneous response that can be fully outsourced, and continuous reporting to you.
  • Integrated recovery
    Unlock unmatched business resilience for your clients integrated remediation and restoration, either delivered through Acronis MDR, or with a single-click via a our unified cyber protection platform.

World-class MDR delivered from a platform designed for MSPs

Unlock up to 60% better TCO by consolidating your cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management services under one integrated, multi-tenant, SaaS-based platform, on top of which the MDR service is delivered.
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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Overview
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Choose the MDR that fits your MSP business needs

Two MDR offerings to ensure solution flexibility can accommodate client requirements:

  • Standard

    Ensures protection, containment and prioritization to simplify endpoint protection and amplify security effectiveness
  • Advanced

    Ensures fully outsourced protection, containment, prioritization, response and recovery for peace of mind and business resilience assuredness
MDR onboarding
24/7 support by an outsourced SOC
24/7/365 monitoring to identify threats
Event triage & prioritization with real-time threat alerting
Rapid threat isolation by SOC team
24/7 threat remediation by MDR team
Guidance how to mitigate, stop and prevent security incidents
Outsourced attack rollback & recovery from backups
Detailed multi-channel security escalations

Acronis MDR powered by Novacoast

Unlock unmatched business resilience with optimized resource allocation

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do MDR security solutions enhance threat detection and response capabilities for MSPs?

    Businesses of any size and the sensitive data they possess now face the risk of advanced threats, requiring more powerful security measures, such as EDR and XDR to detect and remediate. However, the majority of such tools require significant upfront investments and proactive security management to build services on top of.

    A managed detection and response service gives MSPs the ability to completely or partially outsource the monitoring of client environments, ensuring 24/7 threat detection and rapid remediation in case of need. An MDR solution not only ensures faster response times and around-the-clock monitoring, but also significantly reduces the heavy resource tax on your business required to provide advanced security services.

  • Who needs managed detection and response solutions?

    Security MDR services are the norm nowadays — especially for small and mid-sized businesses that require an adequate level of protection, and MSP partners who do not have an internal SOC but need to protect their clients from the ever-increasing cyberthreats and risks they face.

    A security MDR service enables organizations to completely or partially outsource their threat detection and response, removing the need for high resource investments to benefit from advanced security.

  • What is the benefit of having an MDR solution on top of an integrated platform that includes data protection and endpoint management?

    Consolidating your services under one pane of glass will unlock up to 60% better ROI for you — as you’ll be able to cut on resource-draining, day-to-day activities across multiple consoles such as training, ticket handling, billing and reporting.

    Moreover, Acronis MDR leverages the built-in data protection capabilities of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud platform that can be leveraged to outsource not only security breach remediation, but also restoration, based on initial agreement with the partner.

    Furthermore, through the same platform where you track the security alerts and reports coming from the MDR team, you will also be able to protect sensitive data from loss or leakage, manage endpoints and detect and mitigate system vulnerabilities.

  • What happens when response actions fall outside the scope of the Acronis MDR solution tooling or agreement — e.g. incident response?

    Where response actions are outside the scope of the Acronis MDR tooling or agreement, the MDR team provides recommendations and guidance on areas to focus. This may include recommendations for additional services such as incident response and patch management.

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