Anti Malware Advanced Protection

Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions deliver outstanding defense in depth (DiD) threat protection via a set of smartly integrated technologies, each of which works to prevent possible threats along dedicated stages.

  • Full stack protection technologies
    Full stack protection technologies
    Contains AI-, behavior- and signature-based detection and response
  • Security against any threat
    Security against any threat
    Protects against known/unknown malware and ransomware, and fileless attacks
  • Combat emerging threats
    Combat emerging threats
    Uses behavioral heuristics and dynamic detection rules to combat emerging threats
  • Detect any kind of malware
    Detect any kind of malware
    Scans files for trojans, viruses, backdoors, worms, keyloggers, spyware, and others
What is malware?
What is malware?
Malware is malicious software that is intentionally designed to damage a system or steal data. Malware is most often used by cybercriminals for financial gain, but can also be distributed as a form of protest or as an offensive weapon in the state-sponsored attacks that have become increasingly popular. Common forms of malware include viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, botnets and any other type of potentially unwanted application.
  • Damages a system or steals data
  • Used by cybercriminals for financial gain
  • Includes viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, etc.
Effectiveness proven by independent testing laboratories
  • Acronis
    Product Report
    Acronis scored a 98.0% detection rate in a real-world test, but more importantly, it caused zero false positives – a distinction held by only three other vendors in the test.

  • Acronis
    Product Report
    Both the Protection and Usability tests showed very good results. Protection was flawless and in case of Usability there was only one false positive detection which can be considered a minor issue

  • Acronis
    Product Report
    Acronis’s endpoint anti-malware product provided very good real-time protection against malware known to exist on systems worldwide. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud had no false positives on any of the thousands of innocuous files used in testing.

Multilayered approach to security

Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions employ multiple defense layers to protect users against any cyber threat whether it leverages website connection, zero-day exploits, malicious injections, obfuscated malware, or other advanced malicious techniques that bypass traditional antiviruses such as fileless attacks.

  • Stops drive-by downloads
    Stops drive-by downloads
    Intercepts HTTP/HTTPS requests and stops attempts to silently download malware
  • Blocks malicious websites
    Blocks malicious websites
    Protects against any phishing sites and blocks sites that distribute malware
  • Focus on current cyber threats
    Focus on current cyber threats
    Identifies scams using themes that leverage actual threats, such as COVID-19
  • Extensive threat intelligence
    Extensive threat intelligence
    Integrates intelligence from industry partners into Acronis’ detection technologies
White paper
Acronis multilayered cybersecurity

Understand how Acronis uses multiple defense layers to prevent, detect, and respond to modern cyber threats.

  • Vulnerability patching
    Vulnerability patching
    Covers unpatched vulnerabilities so dangerous malware can’t exploit them
  • Protection against any exploit
    Protection against any exploit
    Is effective against every known exploit technique, including memory exploits
  • Behavior-based exploit prevention
    Behavior-based exploit prevention
    A special set of behavioral heuristics that’s constantly updated by Acronis experts
  • Prevent fileless exploits
    Prevent fileless exploits
    Works well against fileless attacks, that signature-based techniques can’t detect
  • Globally updated signatures
    Globally updated signatures
    Faster access in every region due to Acronis data centers located around the globe
  • Nearly-instantanenous updates
    Nearly-instantanenous updates
    New detections are available for every customer within minutes of the first encounter
  • AI-enabled data processing
    AI-enabled data processing
    More effective detection models, thanks to AI-enabled data processing
  • Zero false positives
    Zero false positives
    Increased accuracy of false free verdicts due to allowlisting, sandboxing, etc.
  • Machine learning
    Machine learning
    Helps confirm malicious processes and injections into legitimate ones
  • Static AI analyzer
    Static AI analyzer
    Detect malware triggered without execution
  • Defense in depth
    Defense in depth
    Different models are used to effectively detect different threats
  • Continous improvement
    Continous improvement
    New models are tested every hour to improve efficiency and combat evolving threats
  • Protection against any malware
    Protection against any malware
    Extends the power of Acronis Active Protection to address every type of malware link
  • Powerful exploit prevention
    Powerful exploit prevention
    Effectively deals with fileless attacks and various exploit prevention techniques
  • Dynamic detection rules
    Dynamic detection rules
    Protection against polymorphic and obfuscated malware
  • Smart protection plans
    Smart protection plans
    Can be updated at any moment to add protection against new, emerging threats
  • Improved detection rate
    Improved detection rate
    More aggressive behavioral heuristics for more effective detection of malware
  • Automatic allowlisting
    Automatic allowlisting
    Automatically allowlists applications for time-efficiency
  • Manual allowlisting
    Manual allowlisting
    Supports manual allowlisting, if needed
  • Zero false positives
    Zero false positives
    Proven zero false positives by independent third party tests

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