Disk Director

The most feature-rich toolkit for managing your data and hard drives

Get the most from your system with a comprehensive disk management solution

Acronis Disk Director Business provides all the necessary tools to optimize, protect and manage your hard drives and data. Safely create, customize, and organize partitions and your hard drive’s structure, without risk of data loss.

  • Acronis
    Maximize performance
    Ensure your system is optimized with better disk and volume management. Create, resize, move, clone, split, format and merge volumes – all in one solution.
  • Acronis
    Configure hard drives
    Managing hard drives and partitions is made easy, allowing you to do more in less time. Format, label and activate partitions in one simple step.
  • Acronis
    Manage data with ease
    Simplify the most complex operations on your disks and partitions through an easy-to-use management portal, allowing you to get the most from your system.

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How 2020's top 5 attacks reveal the coming cyberthreats in 2021

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  • Candid Wuest, VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis
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Key features

  • Manipulate


    Manage your data, whether you are splitting, resizing, converting or merging volumes. Create, convert and copy files and volumes as needed.
  • Partition


    Create partitions quickly and easily. One step formats, labels and activates partitions, reducing the time spent and your risk of errors and data loss.
  • Clone


    Migrate everything on one disk – from the OS to apps to system preferences – to a replacement disk in mere minutes. Cloning an exact replica avoids headaches, mistakes and lost hours.
  • Recover


    Recover volumes that were accidentally deleted, damaged by hardware failure, or affected by a malware attack – all through a single, easy-to-use solution.


  • Format


    Make complex operations easily and efficiently through an intuitive management portal. Format your drive with the correct file system - FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, Reiser3, Linux, SWAP.
  • Install


    Boost your processing power by splitting an existing volume into two and installing an operating system on the second one to create another processing volume.
  • Convert


    Adapt your system to meet new and changing requirements in mere moments. Converting disks from basic to dynamic, or vice versa, is fast and easy.
  • Span


    Maximize the use of your disk space by creating a single, logical volume from the unallocated space across multiple physical disks. Supports up to 32 disks.
  • Access


    Benefit from the direct byte access and editing capabilities of the Acronis Disk Editor when modifying your disk.
  • Boot


    Create bootable media so you can launch your system from a CD/DVD or USB drive, even when the disk has no OS installed. Includes support for the Windows 10 Preinstallation Environment.
  • Manage


    Browse detailed information about all hard disks, partitions, and files systems, hide or make visible any partition type, and preview changes before applying them.
  • Optimize


    Get the most out of your system by examining and automatically optimizing the use of hard disk space.

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    Disk Director

    The most feature-rich toolkit for managing your data and hard drives

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    System requirements


    • 10 – Home / Pro / EDU / Enterprise / IoT
    • 8/8.1 – except RT
    • 7 / Vista / XP SP3

    Windows Server

    • 2003 SP1 / R2 and later – STD / ENT
    • SBS 2003
    • 2008 (R2) – STD / ENT / DC / Foundation / Web
    • SBS 2008 / 2011 / 2012
    • Multipoint Server
    • Storage Server 2003/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016
    • 2016 – all, except for Nano Server

    File system

    • FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS
    • Ext2 / Ext3 / Reiser3
    • Linux SWAP
    • A sector-by-sector mode is available for copying and moving partitions of any other type

    Store images on

    • HDD / SSD / PC card
    • IDE / SCSI and SATA interfaces
    • Basic and Dynamic (LDM) disks
    • MBR and GPT disks
    • CD-R/RW / DVD-R/RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM / BD-R / BD-RE
    • USB 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0, FireWire

    Product reviews

    • Our test system (running Acronis Recovery Expert) worked effortlessly and quickly to find and restore a Linux partition that had been deleted months go. If you’ve ever lost a partition to buggy or malicious software, this utility alone may be worth the price (of Acronis Disk Director Suite).Read more

      Verified Acronis user
    • Acronis products are easy to use in no small part because they have a clean and attractive graphical interface. But more importantly they work. I would recommend Acronis to anyone needing powerful, easy to use tools with non-intimidating graphics.Read more

      Verified Acronis user
    • If you’ve been looking for advanced disk management, coupled with a truly intuitive interface, the search is over.Read more

      Davey, PC Pro Magazine
      Verified Acronis user

    Looking for help?

    • What is Acronis Disk Director?

      Acronis Disk Director is a disk and partition management tool. It has a rich and sophisticated set of operations ranging from creating and splitting volumes, to cloning disks, to restoring MBR and repairing file/folder structure.

    • Who needs Acronis Disk Director?

      This product is built for everyone who needs a disk management tool. Whether you need to quickly split a partition without damaging your data, or you are looking for a professional tool to boot your crashed machine so you can repair the disk, Acronis Disk Director delivers.

    • What is new in Acronis Disk Director?
      • Support for Windows Server 2016
      • Support for UEFI
      • Support for 4K native disks
      • Updated media kernel
      • 64-bit Linux boot media and 64-bit WinPE media are now included
    • What are the main benefits of Acronis Disk Director?

      Efficiency: Reorganize your servers and workstations for better performance and data safety
      Flexibility: Resize, copy, move, split and merge partitions without losing your data
      Powerful: Optimized to offer the best Windows performance
      Ease of Use: User friendly interface and wizards guide you to get the most out of your system

    • What are the main features?

      Manage all your disks and volumes with extreme flexibility
      Carry out a vast array of disk and volume management operations:

      • Resize, move, copy, split and merge volumes without data loss or destruction
      • Format and label volumes, assign volumes letters and set volumes active
      • Ease-of-use
      • User friendly interface and wizards guide you in order to get the most out of your system
      • Recover lost or deleted partitions
      • Acronis Recovery Expert helps you to recover accidentally lost or deleted volumes on basic MBR disks
      • Boot from CD/DVD or USB stick
      • Boot your system from CD/DVD or USB stick and manage all your volumes
      • Disk Editor
      • Edit disk at the sector level
      • Create scripts for application tasks
      • Powerful and easy-to-use tool for managing disks and volumes on local and remote machines
    • How many servers can benefit from one Acronis Disk Director Server?

      You are allowed to install and use Acronis Disk Director Server on one server. In case you have more than one system, you should use several licenses or consider buying a Technician license.

    • Can I try Acronis Disk Director Server before I purchase it?

      Absolutely! You can download a demo version here.

    • What languages are available in Acronis Disk Director?
      • English
      • German
      • Russian
      • Japanese
      • French
      • Italian
      • Dutch
      • Polish
      • Czech
    • Why register Acronis Disk Director?

      There are significant benefits to registering your copy of Acronis Disk Director via the Acronis website, including:

      • Оne year of the Acronis Advantage Premier maintenance and support service
      • Free post-sales technical support for 30 days after purchase. Support is available via email and chat 24/7
      • A secure place to keep your serial number
      • Legal certainty about the software you have bought and are entitled to use
      • Information about the latest product updates and special offers
      • An overview of all your licenses
      • Exclusive information on demand about new products and special offers

      See Registration at Acronis Website and Registering Acronis Products at the Website.

    • Product help

      In case you have any difficulties, product materials can be found in our Knowledge Base. Be sure to check out our video tutorials and other documentation. You can also post questions on our discussion boards.

    • Technical support

      Customers with active product maintenance or subscription are entitled to 24/7 technical support. Follow the instructions at the Technical Support Site to get prompt support by phone, chat or e-mail.

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