Data Backup and Storage for Manchester City Football Club

Manchester City Football Club formed a global Data Backup and Storage Partnership with Acronis to enhance and develop the club’s data management capabilities.

How data drives modern sport

Top flight football teams rely on data, both on and off the pitch, in order to succeed. IT systems are imperative for the running of the Club and impact everything from internet access and file storage, across day-to-day operation, through to the fan experience at Etihad Stadium. Acronis is essential for the Club in this process.

Manchester City
6Data CentersEasy backup and storage management in multiple data centers
200+ServersReliable backup of data, applications, and systems
250+Tb of DataScalable storage for the growing volumes of data

Where data comes from

  • Video Footage Video Footage
  • Enviromental Factors Enviromental Factors
  • Statistics Statistics
  • Business Data Business Data
  • Data of Employees Data of Employees
Whether analysing what happens on the pitch, or working in one of our many offices around the globe, data is essential for our success. As a global leader in data backup and storage, we rely on our partner Acronis.
Greg Swimer Chief Technology Officer at City Football Group
A football club like Manchester City has a huge volume of data – covering everything from our players and fans to the day-to-day operation of our business – and we are excited to leverage Acronis’ expertise to enhance our data storage and backup functions.
Damian Willoughby Senior Vice President of Partnership at City Football Group