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Acronis True Image 8.0 wins 2005 World Class Award from PC World magazine

World Class Award by PC World

June 2, 2005, South San Francisco, CA — Acronis, Inc., the technological leader in storage management software, announced that Acronis True Image 8.0 was named by PC World as the winner of the 2005 World Class Award for Backup Software. The World Class Award winners were announced in the July 2005 issue of PC World.

The award comes on the heels of several similar honors for Acronis True Image this year, including PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award, CNET Editors' Choice Award, Redmond Magazine's Best of the Best Preferred Products Award, and a Consumers Digest Best Buy Award.

"The ultimate buyers guide, World Class Awards set the standard for excellence in the high-tech and consumer electronics industries," stated Harry McCracken, editor in chief of PC World. "From desktop publishers to travel routers to satellite radio and video instant messenger services, the editors reward the finest products and most outstanding performers in this annual award program. Congratulations to Acronis True Image 8.0."

"This honor from PC World underscores our commitment to excellence and recognition of our responsibility to our users," said Max Tsypliaev, CEO of Acronis. "PC World's rigorous testing and demanding standards are second to none, and we are pleased to once again demonstrate the full breadth of capabilities of Acronis True Image."

"The World Class Award is an honor that is shared by the entire family of Acronis True Image products, including Acronis True Image Enterprise Server, Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation, and the Acronis True Image Server offerings for Linux and Windows," said Stephen Lawton, Acronis director of marketing. "The product family shares the same building blocks that make it easy to use, extremely powerful and feature-rich. A large number of corporate users today find the stand-alone version of Acronis True Image 8.0, which PC World honored today, to be invaluable, but the networked version offers all the capabilities and more. This is truly a fine day for the Acronis True Image product family."

Celebrating its 23rd year, the respected World Class Awards honor products that meld practical features with innovation and reflect the rapidly changing technology marketplace. To select the winners, PC World's editors examined hundreds of products, including those that have appeared in the magazine over the past 12 months. The winning products were selected for their exemplary design and usability, features, performance, innovation, and price.

Acronis True Image 8.0 is available through the reseller channel, at major retail outlets, and through the Acronis and other popular web sites. The product has a suggested list price of $49.99.

О компании Acronis

Компания Acronis установила стандарт защиты данных в гибридном облаке, разработав решения для резервного копирования, аварийного восстановления, синхронизации и безопасного доступа. Благодаря технологиям копирования образов и AnyData Engine компания Acronis предоставляет удобную, полноценную и выгодную защиту файлов, приложений, и операционных систем в любых средах — виртуальных, физических, облачных, мобильных. Компания Acronis, основанная в 2003 году, защищает данные более 5 миллионов пользователей и 500 000 компаний в 145 странах. Компания получила более 100 патентов, а ее решения, предоставляющие широкий диапазон функций, включая миграцию, клонирование и репликацию, были признаны лучшими продуктами года. Сегодня решения Acronis доступны во всех странах мира благодаря глобальной сети поставщиков услуг, дистрибьюторов и реселлеров облачных продуктов.

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