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Acronis joined the latest round of Virus Bulletin’s annual VB100 certification testing and achieved a perfect score—a 100% detection rate with zero false positives. Launched in Britain almost two decades ago, Virus Bulletin is a world leader in security software testing.

VB100 certification is awarded to security products recognized by Virus Bulletin as legitimate and properly functioning anti-malware solutions.

To achieve certification and display the VB100 logo, a product must:

  • Prove it can detect at least 99.5% of malware samples listed as 'In the Wild' by the WildList Organization.
  • Generate no more than 0.01% false positives when scanning an extensive test set of clean samples.

VB100 test methodology

Certification is determined by measuring the performance of the product against a set of constantly updated samples. Consisting of three identical parts, the test exposes the product to the same set of samples for several days so the performance can be observed over a longer period and recovery is possible in the event of technical issues.

Malicious sample sets

Virus Bulletin uses the following malicious sample sets during the test:

  • WildList set consists of 'In the Wild' (ItW) samples from the WildList Organization. This list is a well-vetted set of malware that researchers have recently seen in the wild. Set size: a few thousand samples total.
  • AMTSO’s Real-Time Threat List (RTTL) set is a repository of malware samples collected by experts from around the world. Managed by the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO), this repository uses a continuous feed of new samples. Set size: 1,200–1,300 samples on average (per day of use).
  • The Diversity set contains various recently seen samples of malware collected by Virus Bulletin and received from third parties. Set size: 1,000–2,000 samples on average (per day of use).

Clean sample set

There is also a Clean set of files collected by Virus Bulletin which is used to evaluate the rate of false alarms/false positives. This set consists of more than 400,000 files harvested from popular software downloads available on the internet and is regularly maintained with new additions and the purging of old files. In the actual test round, approximately 100,000 of these files are used.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud delivers perfect result

In the test round conducted in June 2020, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud got the following results:

Certification test, malicious set:

  • Total samples: 2029
  • Detected samples: 2029
  • Missed samples: 0
  • Detection rate: 100.00%

Certification test, clean file set:

  • Total samples: 99990
  • Detected as malicious: 0
  • Detected as clean: 99990
  • False-positive rate: 0.000%

Upon delivering the results, Virus Bulletin offered the following comment.

“Virus Bulletin extends their congratulations to Acronis who are newcomers to the VB100 certification, achieving their first certification at 100% malware detection + 0% false-positive rate on our certification sets. We look forward to their onward participation and continued success in the testing program.”  

Final thought

With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud once again earning a perfect score for its endpoint security capabilities, we are clearly delivering a solution that secures systems and infrastructure against the latest, constantly evolving array of cyberthreats.

By integrating data protection and cybersecurity together in one product, we’re able to provide organizations with top-level cyber protection that delivers world-class business continuity. That integration means that while a successful attack is unlikely, Acronis enables you to get back up and running quickly if it does happen.

To learn more about Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and the other exciting integrations and capabilities it delivers, or to request a demo, click here.

Alexander Ivanyuk
Senior Director, Technology
Alexander joined Acronis in 2016 as Global Director, Product and Technology Positioning. At this role Alexander is directly involved into all product launches in terms of messaging, go-to-market strategy and overall positioning including partner relations.

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