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As the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to spread and impact individuals, organizations, and communities across the globe, we want to share how Acronis is responding to the pandemic.

While our work as a cyber protection company is focused on keeping data, applications, and systems protected, in the face of this crisis, Acronis is committed to ensuring our employees, partners and their families are protected too, while we provide the same high level of support to our partners and customers.

Containing COVID-19

We take the health of our extended team seriously and taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Containing the spread of this pandemic should be everyone’s concern. Given the highly contagious nature of the novel coronavirus, healthcare experts from around the world universally recommend social distancing as a way to slow the spread of the disease and, hopefully, prevent overwhelming the medical community and healthcare resources.

Based on their expert advice, we have authorized all our employees to work from home until further notice. In rare cases, an in-person visit is required, employees will request authorization from their managers and a local HR representative.

Of course, we requested all employees to cancel all non-essential travel and avoid unnecessary social contacts, and use video conferences and online collaboration tools for teamwork.

Continual support

As a global organization, Acronis already has a large number of employees and teams working remotely. Systems and processes were already in place to make this transition fast and simple.  Our team easily adapted to “the new normal,” and Acronis remains fully operational and ready to support our customers and partners.

Our customer and partner support is available 24/7, and our engineering teams work at full capacity. The whole company transitioned to video conferences, while we keep using online collaboration and project management tools we used before.

Rescheduling upcoming events

While we know many in the Acronis community look forward to our various conferences and shows, we’ve made decisions to postpone several upcoming events to protect our employees, partners, and customers.

We will continue to monitor how the response to the pandemic proceeds, and we hope to put these events back on the calendar as soon as we can.

While we are still planning to host our Global Cyber Summit in Miami in October, as a true cyber protection company, we are developing backup plans for moving the event and using a virtual platform to host it if needed. In any case, we will work out the best solution for the attendees to get the most value from the event.

Getting through “the new normal”

We’ve talked for a long time about how the modern world is a digital world, and that today’s organizations need modern approaches to protection. The same is true for their operational readiness and response to challenges like a worldwide pandemic.

Acronis and our employees are well prepared. Our business continuity plans ensure that we can meet the needs of our partners and customers regardless of the situation.

We understand that the current situation puts additional stress on IT operations, and enables cybercriminals to take advantage of the situation to attack remote workers and businesses affected by the recent events. Therefore, we are working with our partners and customers to support them with addressing the new challenges during these turbulent times, and provide easy, efficient, and secure cyber protection for their IT infrastructure.

Rest assured, we do not expect the COVID-19 situation to disrupt our operations or our ability to meet our commitments.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

As a President at Acronis, Gaidar is responsible for partner enablement, education, and Acronis marketing organizations. He joined Acronis in 2013 as a Business Manager to CEO, becoming Vice President of online business and General Manager for consumer business in 2016, Chief Marketing Officer in 2017, Chief Success Officer in 2020, and President in 2023. Previously an investment director at venture capital fund Runa Capital, Gaidar was responsible for seed-stage investments, advising and educating entrepreneurs, supporting the business development of portfolio companies, and maintaining relationships with startup incubators and accelerators. Before Runa Capital, Gaidar served in various roles at Microsoft, from a technology evangelist to a Microsoft Seed Fund managing director. Before Microsoft, he worked as a software engineer and IT administrator for various companies. Gaidar holds a master’s degree in chemistry.

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