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The reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has become all too real for individuals and organizations; it’s become clear that the only way to contain the virus and keep the healthcare system from becoming overloaded is to reduce close personal interactions. The need for people to work from home when possible has become critical for businesses that may have never considered the option before.

For those whose jobs can be completed remotely, the only question is do they have the tools needed to do so. But for employers, a second consideration is whether their valuable company data will be protected while it is shared remotely between team members, vendors, and partners.

As a cyber protection company, we believe strongly in protecting data, applications, and systems at all times – even when employees are working from home.

As a result, the executive team at Acronis has decided to make our secure, enterprise-grade file sync and share technology available for free to partners so that organizations can remain both productive and secure during this challenging period.

Secure file sharing for business and MSPs

Since many organizations may lack the resources to employees to send employees home with company hardware, they are suddenly relying on employees to use their own devices. This not only demands a solution that supports a variety of employee devices and operating systems – from Android and iOS smartphones to Windows and macOS laptops – but also protects company data on personal devices.

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud not only supports a wide range of devices and systems but also delivers a level of integrated security that is required in the modern digital world – helping service providers to ensure their clients retain control and protect their data, even when on employee devices.

Access to Acronis’ technology

In making our technology available, Acronis wants the widest impact as quickly as possible. Since many companies – especially small and mid-sized businesses with limited resources – rely on IT service providers for the solutions that help their business run, the first phase of support is to ensure they have the tools needed to help their clients.

Any of the service provider partners who use Acronis Cyber Cloud to deliver solutions to their clients will have free access to Acronis Cyber Files Cloud from now until July 31, 2020. This free access will enable them to implement remote-work environments for their clients quickly and painlessly.

Service providers who do not already work with Acronis but whose clients need a secure file sync and share solution will be eligible for the free access as well. An express signup process is being put in place to expedite their ability to access the Acronis Cyber Cloud platform and start offering the services to their customers.

Also, the executive team has authorized that for new customers added by service providers between March 18 and July 31, the service providers will not be charged for the consumption of any Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud by new customers between now and July 31. This move is designed to enable our partners to support clients who have an immediate need for cyber protection but have not budgeted for it.

Speed matters

Containing the coronavirus requires a fast response from everyone. The major challenge in the current situation is that cybercriminals are taking advantage of it – using coronavirus keyword to run phishing attacks and targeting remote workers with malware and ransomware. Many who did not have previous experience of working remotely are easy targets – as they don’t have the necessary security habits, relying instead on the company’s IT infrastructure. That means the implementation of secure collaboration tools and cyber protection becomes extremely important. Understanding that neither service providers nor customers budgeted for this scenario, we believe that offering free services now is the right way to support our partners during these turbulent times.

If a company is unsure if their service provider offers Acronis Cyber Files Cloud or Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, we are recommending they contact their provider directly. The sooner a company transitions to remote working, the safer their employees, customers, and the business will be.

We realize that training will be needed as service providers and their clients start using the solution. We have several training videos available and a Resource Center with deep documentation available for you. Service providers are urged to contact their Acronis Account Manager with any questions about our COVID-19 response programs

Any organization that needs to connect with a service provider to implement a work-remote environment or cyber protection is encouraged to visit our Partner Locator.

As a President at Acronis, Gaidar is responsible for partner enablement, education, and Acronis marketing organizations. He joined Acronis in 2013 as a Business Manager to CEO, becoming Vice President of online business and General Manager for consumer business in 2016, Chief Marketing Officer in 2017, Chief Success Officer in 2020, and President in 2023. Previously an investment director at venture capital fund Runa Capital, Gaidar was responsible for seed-stage investments, advising and educating entrepreneurs, supporting the business development of portfolio companies, and maintaining relationships with startup incubators and accelerators. Before Runa Capital, Gaidar served in various roles at Microsoft, from a technology evangelist to a Microsoft Seed Fund managing director. Before Microsoft, he worked as a software engineer and IT administrator for various companies. Gaidar holds a master’s degree in chemistry.

About Acronis

A Swiss company founded in Singapore in 2003, Acronis has 15 offices worldwide and employees in 50+ countries. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is available in 26 languages in 150 countries and is used by over 20,000 service providers to protect over 750,000 businesses.