November 19, 2021  —  Eric Swotinsky

Emotet reappears on the back of TrickBot

The notorious Emotet botnet has returned, a mere 10 months after it was taken down by a joint law enforcement operation. Emotet was one of the most active botnets in recent years, and will likely retake its former place as a top cyberthreat.

Emotet has typically been spread via malicious email attachments. It would then retrieve additional malware payloads, often ransomware. The new wave of Emotet is using the TrickBot trojan to install a new DLL that looks like Emotet, which could indicate that TrickBot is being used to rebuild the illicit network of Emotet-infected systems.

The updates to Emotet's code do not conclusively indicate if the malware's controllers are a new group, or if they were involved with the previous botnet. At this time, there are no reports of malicious emails being sent out by the new botnet, but it's only a matter of time before these start to appear.

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