• More than 60%
    of breaches involve some form of hacking
    Verizon, Data Breach Investigations Report, 2022
  • It takes 277 days
    to identify and contain security threats
    Ponemon Institute, Cost of Data Breach Report, 2022
  • 80% of data breaches
    target data for financial gain
    Verizon, Data Breach Investigations Report, 2022

Simplify endpoint security with Acronis to unlock unmatched business continuity

While the complexity and frequency of cybersecurity threats continues to rise, service providers and businesses are left counting on multiple point security solutions for protection. Comprehensive protection of endpoint devices and data requires multiple integrations of advanced solutions that introduce high resource intensity, security silos, significant costs, long time to value, and staffing needs.

With Acronis, you can count on a single platform for holistic endpoint security and business continuity, aligned with established industry standards such as NIST — enabling you to:

  • Identify


    Identify vulnerable assets and data you need to protect across multiple endpoints.
  • Protect


    Proactively protect IT assets, endpoint devices and data with integrated backup and endpoint security configuration management capabilities.
  • Detect


    Continuous monitoring with AI/ML-based threat detection and behavioral analysis to guard against advanced threats and data exfiltration
  • Respond


    Leverage incident prioritization with a single-click to investigate, contain cybersecurity threats, remediate, rollback attacks, recover, and close vulnerability gaps
  • Recover


    Deliver unmatched data protection and business continuity with no data loss across all your endpoint devices, including mobile devices
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Detect and block security threats. Rapidly respond to malicious attacks and hacking attempts

Guard against the plethora of cybersecurity threats and risks for the endpoints you manage. Unlike traditional antivirus solutions and endpoint protection platforms with advanced technologies, the Acronis unified platform empowers you with modular endpoint security through a single agent — from essential protection like anti-ransomware and traditional antivirus solutions, to advanced security solutions like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).
  • Detect malicious activity and stop cyber threats with AI/ML-based behavioral threat detection
  • Leverage automatic, real-time event correlation and incident prioritization to speed up the detection of suspicious behavior
  • Analyze attacks in minutes to ensure rapid response, guided by AI-based interpretations of the attacks
  • Count on award-winning protection to streamline detection, investigation and remediation capabilities
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Don’t have the resources to implement on your own?

Acronis MDR is a simplified, fully outsourced EDR service, built for MSPs and delivered via a platform that amplifies security effectiveness with minimal resource investment.

Stop endpoint threats and cyberattacks in their tracks

Acronis holistic endpoint protection enables you to protect business assets against a plethora of modern threats and attacks. Learn more about the most common current threats and how Acronis is able help you to stop them in their tracks:

Considering enhancing your endpoint protection service?

Leverage the Acronis MSP’s guide to EDR to understand how to launch and scale your EDR practice with ease.

Don’t just stop threats. Ensure data protection and business continuity

The problem with single-focus endpoint protection platforms is that even if you stop the threat, addressing its impact is whole another story. The attacker might have already opened backdoors, exfiltrated data, and affected the business continuity.
With Acronis, you do not need additional integrations, manpower, and enterprise-level budget to provide security — not only to the endpoints, but also the data that security teams need to guard.

  • Integrated best-of-breed backup and recovery

    Integrated best-of-breed backup and recovery

    Protect data with file- and image-level backups and integrated recovery as part of the single-click response to incidents. Unlock minimal recovery times and ensure no data loss, including with mobile endpoint devices.
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  • Prevent leakage of sensitive data

    Prevent leakage of sensitive data

    Leverage a behavioral-based data loss prevention (DLP) that automatically crates and continuously maintains business-specific policies to prevent sensitive data leaks across 70 channels.
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  • Rollback endpoint attacks damage

    Rollback endpoint attacks damage

    Automatically roll back ransomware and leverage attack-specific rollbacks as response capabilities — leverage an endpoint protection solution designed to scale.
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  • Ensure unmatched business continuity

    Ensure unmatched business continuity

    Leverage pre-integrated disaster recovery in our endpoint security software for an unmatched level of business continuity, and automatically switch to a backup environment in case of incidents.
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Proactively prevent endpoint risks with endpoint security configuration management

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud unifies endpoint security, data protection and endpoint security configuration management in a complete, holistic, endpoint protection platform to prevail where point solutions fail. The centralized management console enables you to leverage other security technologies to detect vulnerable assets, actively monitor their security posture, and proactively remediate endpoint risks from a single space. Managing devices has never been easier.
  • Discover hardware and software assets on all protected endpoints
  • Monitor and score endpoints’ security posture
  • Assess, prioritize, manage and patch vulnerabilities across 300+ applications and multiple operating systems
  • Centrally configure and manage all endpoint security policies via a unified endpoint protection solution
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The value that Acronis endpoint protection brings partners:

  • We found Acronis to be a great partner for launching and scaling EDR-based services with. As we have tested Acronis EDR along with other market leading solutions, Advanced Security + EDR truly manages to bring down complexity, while streamlining processes — from the guided incident analysis to the single-click response, including recovery capabilities. The increased functionality and single product integration is superior compared to maintaining three or four products for the same or lesser functionality and usability.

    Brian Harvey
    Network Operations Manager, Business World Inc.
  • Having an established security practice already, we were excited to try out Advanced Security + EDR and found that it effectively streamlines investigation efforts and enables you to provide holistic response to incidents, essential to keep client businesses up and running. The consolidation and the AI-guided interpretation of the cyber kill chain bring down the complexity and costs associated with such services and enable us to protect clients down market.

    Luis Casagrande
    Datacenter Manager, RackOne Srl
Simplify and enhance your endpoint security with Acronis

Leverage the power of an integrated endpoint protection platform designed for MSPs to deliver holistic endpoint security, data protection and endpoint management service via a single agent.

Leverage a platform designed for service providers

We know you need endpoint protection platforms that can right size to your margins and inside skills, that are SaaS-based and multitenant, and that enable you to effortlessly provision, manage and scale your services with interconnected security capabilities.
  • Effortlessly launch services — from essential antimalware and anti-ransomware to EDR — through our modular security platform
  • Consolidate to streamline onboarding, ease billing and reporting, reduce your TCO and OpEx and focus your resources
  • Remotely deploy on the discovered assets via a single agent and manage all your services from a centralized place
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• SW & HW inventory (Advanced Management)
• Unprotected endpoint discovery
• Data classification (Advanced DLP)
• Vulnerability assessments
• Exploit prevention (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• Device control
• Security configuration management (Advanced Management)
• Patch management (Advanced Management)
• Data loss prevention (Advanced DLP)
• Cyber scripting (Advanced Management)
• Backup integration
• Emerging threats feed (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• Search for IOCs of emerging threats (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• AI/ML-based behavioral detection
• Anti-malware & anti-ransomware
• URL filtering (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• Signature-based detection
• Rapid incident analysis (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• Workload remediation with isolation (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• Forensic backups (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• Investigation via remote connection (Advanced Management)
• Rapid rollback of attacks (Advanced Security / + EDR)
• One-click mass recovery
• Self-recovery
• Pre-integrated with disaster recovery (Advanced Disaster Recovery)
Work with a partner focused on your success

Acronis #CyberFit partner program enables you to easily and efficiently launch and scale your practice with technical, sales, and marketing support and enablement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do businesses and service providers need endpoint protection?

    With 80% of companies being attacked, based on the Acronis Cyberthreats Report 2021 — the need for effective endpoint protection platforms to secure businesses and their assets is clear.

    Endpoint security protects against both common threats and advanced, targeted attacks by leveraging behavioral-based detection, commonly tied with signature-based detection engines that most antivirus solutions utilize. It’s important to note that antivirus software usually cannot bring an effective level of protection against modern threats that utilize more sophisticated techniques. Businesses usually require more advanced solutions like next-generation anti-malware (NGAV) capable of detecting modern threats and EDR capable of detecting and responding to in-progress attacks.

  • What’s the difference between antivirus software, NGAV, and EDR?

    Antivirus, next-generation anti-malware (NGAV), and endpoint detection and response (EDR) can all be classified as endpoint protection software, but their capabilities and usage greatly differ.

    Traditional antivirus software only provides an essential protection that is based on detecting common threats, and on cross-checking with a database of known malware variants and their signatures.

    More advanced malware threats, like zero days, obfuscated and polymorphic malware will bypass antivirus defenses. However, these threats still exhibit known malicious behavior and can be detected with behavioral-based detection available in endpoint security software like next-generation anti-malware (NGAV).

    However, attacks and hacking attempts that are actually the source of a majority of breaches, usually use much more complex techniques, masking malicious processes as benign events, which security teams are blind to without deeper analysis and correlation of all events in the enterprise network. To detect and respond to such in-progress attacks, you require more advanced security solutions like Endpoint Detection and Response — capable of correlating events to understand whether the event chain suggests a security incident and providing the needed controls to analyze and remediate the attack. In the case of Acronis EDR capabilities, you can also recover from attacks — unlike traditional point security solutions with a siloed focus on stopping threats.

  • How is the Acronis endpoint protection solution deployed and managed?

    Most endpoint protection systems have a siloed focus on threat remediation, requiring integration of additional endpoint solutions and agents for data protection, security configuration management, and other business needs that the service and client software need to cover.

    Acronis empowers you with a centralized platform to, via a single agent, deploy, manage and scale multiple cyber protection services, including modular endpoint security, email security, security configuration management and data protection.

    Specifically, for the data protection part — you can back up file-level and image-level data to a public cloud, a private, locally-hosted data center, or the Acronis Cloud, to ensure a safe recovery.

    Additionally, you can outsource your endpoint protection services to Acronis MDR and unlock unmatched business continuity with optional resource allocation on your end.

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