Experience greater agility, security, and compliance

Hybrid DR delivers advanced levels of agility, security, and compliance managed through a single pane of glass.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Most DR solutions make you choose between cloud and local deployments. Acronis Hybrid DR delivers the best of both without compromising features, functionality, or security. It’s the perfect-fit solution for service providers to deliver an end-to-end solution that supports all use cases.

Unleash industry-proven protection for your business

CRN Security 100 List
CRN Security 100 List
AV-TEST Approved Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response certification
AV-TEST Approved Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response certification
ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified
ICSA Labs endpoint anti-malware certified

Sometimes “where” the data is matters

Acronis partners can provide a modern DR solution in the cloud and in their own data center. Acronis Hybrid DR means you direct where each client tenant account lives. This is perfect for use cases when DR data is best kept locally.

  • GDPR, data sovereignty, and regulatory compliance

    Deliver a full-featured DR solution that complies with geographic directives and industry best practices for financial, medical, consumer, and business data.
  • When the cloud is just not fast enough

    Some businesses, systems, and services require exceptional recovery SLAs. Eliminate latency risks by recovering locally.
  • Economic optimization

    Right-size hardware and reduce storage costs for low-risk and fault-tolerant use cases without compromising DR. Recover services with significant traffic in your own data center to manage recovery costs.
Built on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure
Meet modern IT demands with a multi-tenant, hyper-converged infrastructure solution — a universal, cost-efficient, and scalable solution that combines compute, network, block, file, and object workloads using industry-standard hardware and methods.
  • RunVM agents
  • RunVM controllers
  • PostgreSQL
  • HAProxy cluster
  • Socks5 cluster
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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

Scale-out a cost efficient and multi-purpose infrastructure solution for cyber protection

Free training and certification

Learn to use, position, sell, and deploy Hybrid DR — and all your Acronis Cyber Protection Solutions. The Acronis Academy provide free training and certification courses for all partners. Your sales and technical teams become experts in Acronis next-generation data protection technologies and a trusted advisor in the eyes of your clients.
Acronis Academy
Acronis Academy

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is disaster recovery infrastructure?

    Disaster recovery infrastructure is a duplicate, regularly tested, and fully capable system able to take over if client production systems experience a failure. With Acronis Hybrid DR, that trusted system can be in the cloud or right next door.
  • What is Acronis Hybrid DR infrastructure?

    Acronis Hybrid DR infrastructure is a complete, modern DR solution that exists in the Acronis Cloud and in a local data center. This allows service providers to direct where a client DR instance lives without compromise.
  • What are typical use cases for Acronis Hybrid DR?

    There are three main scenarios in which you may want to consider Hybrid DR:

    1. GDPR, Data Sovereignty, and Regulatory Compliance.

    2. The latency between your client and the nearest Acronis data center is not suitable.

    3. Right-size hardware and reduce storage costs for low-risk and fault-tolerant use cases without compromising DR.

    4. Other use cases when a local solution is preferable.

  • Which DR features are available in Hybrid DR?

    Hybrid DR has the same complete set of features available in Acronis Advanced DR Cloud deployments. It’s a DR solution without compromise.
  • Can I deploy Acronis Hybrid DR on VMware?

    Hybrid DR is based on Acronis Cyber Infrastructure and is tightly integrated with its capabilities. It should not be deployed onto other hypervisors.

    Acronis uses ACI as a virtualization platform in its own data centers. ACI combines virtualization with advanced software-defined storage that supports hot and cold workloads on the same cluster, which allows better performance and HW utilization, and saves costs in DR scenarios.

  • How many VMs can we host on compute nodes?

    That depends on the local hardware configuration created. The rule of thumb is to have 20% of configured resources free on the compute clusters to for tests or production failovers without overbooking resources.
  • How much data and how many VMs can be protected?

    The system is designed to be fully scalable. The infrastructure planning section of the deployment guide will allow you to define the size of the cluster and amount of storage required.
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